Tom Tancredo as JeffCo Superintendent? Not so fast…either way.

A rumor started going around the State on Monday that Tom Tancredo, the former U.S. Congressman from Douglas County, champion of the wacky right/politically incorrect crowd (he called Miami a ‘third world country’?), now on the Republican primary ballot for Governor, is considering applying for the position as Superintendent of Jeffco.

This was not a rumor just floating around in the internet.  It was first reported Monday (4/14) in here, and then again on Tuesday (4/15) in here.  Fox 31 Denver also reported on it Tuesday (here), quoting one unnamed Republican as saying, “Tancredo is looking for a way out” (of the governor’s race). picked it up also on Tuesday here, when they quote Tancredo as saying, “Absolutely false.”  Tancredo went on to say he, “Joked that running the state of CO would be easier than running Jeffco schools. My guess this is someone (party insiders) wants to slow my momentum.

Finally, Mike Littwin, former columnist of the Rocky Mountain News, now with the Colorado Independent, weighed in also on Tuesday with his column, “Tancredo says he’s definitely in for the long haul.  Maybe“, where Littwin points out that Tancredo has a history of saying one thing and then doing another for reasons known only to Tancredo.

So what are we left to think?  Tancredo being Tancredo is one of the more unpredictable politicians.  While right now it appears that he is not actually applying, he could change his mind.  The real question is would WNW actually consider him?  Tancredo actually has little or no experience at running anything other than himself for political office.  He would also be an incredible lightning rod for a Board majority that is trying to reduce the amount of public attention they are getting.  Finally, WNW wants a Superintendent that will follow their lead, script, and agenda.  Tom Tancredo is famous (or infamous, depending on your political orientation) for ignoring what anyone else says, thinks, or wants.  The odds would be very high that WNW and a Superintendent Tancredo would find themselves bickering and conniving against each other very shortly after he was hired.

We may feel that WNW is more clever than smart to the point of being dumb, but we also think they are not that stupid.