More Reasons to Attend the May 1 Meeting


Late last night we learned from a follower of our blog that Support Jeffco Kids, a pro-Jeffco Schools organization, was asked to present their views on the current Board to the Devinny Elementary PTA. Apparently around 60-75 people showed up, including parents from other nearby elementary schools… and a couple of unexpected guests, both with video cameras.

One video taper our reader did not know, but the other one she did – Laura Boggs, the former JeffCo Board Member.

If you are not familiar with Ms. Boggs, she is a school board member who was such a loose cannon that the previous Board voted twice to censure her for her antics, once for telling the superintendent she would “tear this district apart” and jeopardize a district grant and once for agreeing on the air with a talk radio host that Cindy Stevenson “should be shot”.

The only things she was consistent about was expressing how terrible the District and American education was, twisting the truth and budget numbers to suit her agenda, and acting as though rules applied to everyone else but not to her.  For the full details, you can click here and here.  Many people see WNW as following in Boggs’ footsteps and there have been reports that she has been seen meeting with Witt on more than one occasion.

Last night, Boggs’ was a bit more subdued than she is normally, only interrupting the speaker twice, but perhaps that was because the first time she interrupted another member of the audience interrupted her, pointing out the Q&A was supposed to be at the end of the presentation.  This apparently kept her quiet through most of the rest of the meeting.

Why was she there, is the real question.  She has no children attending Devinny.  She is not a teacher there.  So why did she show up…with a video camera?

She was there for two reasons.  1)  To intimidate and 2) To take the video of Support Jeffco Kids’ presentation so that she and supporters of this board can take the video, twist and distort its contents and lie about what the board’s opposition and SJK is saying.

WNW does its best to shut down, intimidate, and limit opposing views.  For evidence of that, just look at how they handled the different groups speaking for and against the $3.7 million they are giving the charter schools (see the Transparency JeffCo Video example).  In our opinion, this was more of the same.

Why do they do this?  Because they know in the end, the only way they can win is by suppressing those who oppose them.  When the public is presented with both sides of the argument equally, they lose.

So, show up!  Show them that they cannot and will not silence your voice, block your ears, or do their dirty work unseen.

May 1st, Bear Creek High School, 5:30 p.m.  Be there!


P.S.  Boggs is now running against Jane Goff for the State Board of Education seat from Congressional District 7 (Ed Perlmutter’s District).  Boggs is now trying to bring to the entire state the same terrifying nonsense she brought to just JeffCo.

8 thoughts on “More Reasons to Attend the May 1 Meeting

  1. So a citizen is not welcome at an open meeting and must be trying to intimidate and misconstrue because she is videotaping the meeting?! Wow! You could not be more biased and accusatory.

    • She showed up at an open meeting. She became unwelcome after she began videotaping without announcing her intent or asking anyones’ permission. She further crossed the line of politeness when she began interrupting the speaker, berating the speaker for what was being said. She only desisted when other members of the audience told her to keep her comments to herself until the discussion period at the end of the presentation.

      Why the video camera? Why the interrupting of the speaker? Why not asking the permission of those in attendance?

      It is not bias to form an opinion based on actual behavior.

      • I’m new to this website – just to get the agenda for tonight’s meeting. But, these comments are interesting. Based on your comment, I think what you’re saying is that all of those individuals who have repeatedly interrupted the work of the Jeffco Board since the election should not be welcome at this upcoming meeting. Those individuals have demonstrated “indicators” of previous bad behavior and should not be tolerated. Is that what you’re saying?

        • Ms. Boggs was not banned from the meeting, nor harassed in anyway. She was not told she could not video tape. She was not told to leave, nor threatened to be escorted out by armed security. She was stopped by another member of the audience when she began to interrupt the presenter.

          On the whole, she was treated no differently than anyone else until she began behaving unlike anyone else. While her history meant everyone was keeping an eye on her, it is her actions that we call into question. That is what we are saying.

        • Never said Boggs didn’t have a right to be at the meeting, only that her motives are not good.

    • @Sandy Bah. You are twisting things and you know it. Boggs’ history of causing problems and wanting to tear the district apart, which is what WNW are doing, is well known as is her strong connection to a certain organization known for outright lying to and misleading the public – an organization also strongly connected to WNW. You can hardly classify her as some kind of innocent citizen. Give me a break.

  2. When one is evaluating the behavior of a person, it is certainly appropriate to consider prior bad behavior in forming a conclusion. It is not necessarily bias, it is an inference based on available evidence.

    Additionally, the author states that the presentation was for Devinny PTA – if Boggs is not a member of the PTA, then it sounds like she was uninvited. Unlike the Board of Education, which is a public body, Devinny PTA is not. It is a private organization of parents and teachers working together to support the students at Devinny.

    I, for one, appreciate learning about this kind of information and the history behind it. Being “new to the scene” means that I am missing a fair bit of background that provides sense to the seemingly senseless.

    Thank you, JCSBW.

  3. The meeting was advertised to all parents in the community – not just Devinney – all of Green Mountain. Indeed, I met a parent there who has a 4yo and whose home school will be Rooney Ranch. There were other parents from other schools, and principals and staff from all GM schools. Ms. Boggs is a member of the GM community. The meeting announcement didn’t say you needed to be a parent – it said come learn how to advocate for Jeffco Schools. That opens it up to any parent or community member.

    Funny you comment and indeed write numerous paragraphs making people think that Ms. Boggs was the sole interrupter. There was a mom with gifted kids who interrupted, but got her questions answered on the spot rather than told to hold it till the end. There was another question, posed by a principal, that was answered and debated by 2-3 more people before the presentation resumed. There was one other interruption that was answered before the official question and answer section. I and other parents wondered why their interruptions were not only tolerated, but answered, rather than being told to hold them till the end like Ms. Boggs. I guess the answer is here – you see the questions Ms. Boggs would raise as a threat to the message Support Jeffco Kids was hoping to get out to a public who doesn’t necessarily know there is an “other” side.

    Additionally, this was a Support Jeffco Kids political action meeting masked as a PTA meeting. It can hardly be called a PTA meeting when viewpoints from the alternative political perspective were not represented. Since no mention was made of the other side turning down an invitation, I suspect they were not invited. Had it been a debate of two sides of an issue, both hoping to tell the public their message; that would have been a PTA meeting.

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