The Top Ten Reasons to go to tonight’s Board Meeting*

top-10*with apologies to Dave Letterman

Number 10: You have a bet with your neighbor on how many times Julie Williams is going to get that “deer-in-the-headlights” smile.

Number 9: You enjoy seeing techs tear their hair out when the sound system starts it’s “JeffCo Board Room Hum”.

Number 8: You wonder if McMinimee’s great idea to save costs involves a ‘corporate inversion’ and selling JeffCo the Calgary, Alberta school district in Canada?

Number 7: You heard rumors that Witt has decided that Colorado Climate Change is caused by the JCEA contact, and he is demanding in the contract negotiations that they stop it.

Number 6: You decide to find out if it is true that if Beauprez is elected Governor, that Witt plans to ask him to deploy the Colorado National Guard to stop teachers from fleeing across the District’s borders to Littleton and Cherry Creek.

Number 5: Rumor has it that JeffCo Executive Chef Yuri Sanow is handing out samples of his award-wining sweet potato dish at the meeting as part of the Taste of Colorado festival.

Number 4: You had a dream where Laurence Fishburne dressed in black is offering McMinimee a choice between a red pill or a blue pill…and you want to see which one he chose.

Number 3: You find out that when Newkirk heard that rabbit fever had been found in Colorado, he put together a motion to remove “Peter Rabbit” from school libraries as a health measure.

Number 2: After Jane Barnes’ facilitation efforts at Saturday’s meeting, Witt decided that every Board meeting ought to start by the members holding hands and singing “Why Can’t We Be Friends“…and you really want to see that!

and the top reason to go tonight is:

Number 1: You hear that Witt has hired Texans strong safety D.J. Swearinger to rush Dahlkemper & Fellman the next time one of them votes ‘No’ on an Executive Session motion.


If none those persuade you, how about attending for your children, your grandchildren, your neighbors children, and all the rest of the children in JeffCo?

Tonight, 5:30 p.m. at the Education Center, 1829 Denver West Drive, Bldg. 27, Golden, 4th floor Seminar Room.

Show up and…

Keep Fighting, JeffCo!

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  1. I have just retired from jeffco as an administrator, but I am being kept posted about what is going on by a friend. I would love to get the information from the source. Please add me to your list to receive updates. I now live in North Carolina, so it is hard to get the news. The same types of education things are happening here also in the schools. It is hard across the country. Keep fighting.

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