9/9 – Bad News! Lori Gillis Resigns!!

Alert SymbolChalkbeat is reporting tonight that Lori Gillis, the District’s Chief Financial Officer has resigned.

(Chalkbeat – Jeffco schools’ CFO resigns amid “a lot” of change)

According to Chalkbeat tonight, Ms. Gillis is leaving in order to join the city management of Arvada, where she lives.

Ever since WNM+Williams forced out Cindy Stevenson as Superintendent, Lori Gillis has borne the brunt of their reckless assault on the District.  More than once, she desperately tried to bring their attention to the dangers their machinations will expose the District to.  From her cautioning on the level of reserves, to the warnings about the District’s bond rating, her pleas for attention to the state of the district infrastructure, and now Witt’s calculated attack on the teacher compensation system, Ms. Gillis has been the one person in the District who not only stood up and said what needed to be said, but did with the gravitas of her experience, position, and integrity.  Most of the time, they ignored her, but at least we, the JeffCo public, heard her cautions and warnings.

With her leaving, we will now have to look on any financial numbers coming out the District with a very jaundiced eye.  WNM+Williams and McMinimee have each already given us plenty of reason to be skeptical of their veracity.  We will now have to be as skeptical about future financial reports and estimates.

We have little doubt that WNM+Williams as well as McMinimee and Morgan are glad to see her go.  Their efforts to DougCo-ize JeffCo will do better without unbiased financial reporting of the results of their actions.

We wish her well.  Our loss is definitely Arvada’s gain.  Perhaps, after some time has passed, she may lend her expertise to the JeffCo public again as we begin examining numbers we will no longer be sure we can trust.

Now, more than ever, we need everyone to

Keep Fighting, JeffCo!


2 thoughts on “9/9 – Bad News! Lori Gillis Resigns!!

  1. Well, Nitwitt, Captain Newkirk, and Julie don’t you like my smile have achieved another bailout of a key employee. Let the free fall continue for quality education as the district continues down, down, down. Sorry for the 84000 students left behind. Sad!

  2. As in in the downfall of all systems of societies and even societies themselves, there are typical signs which will continue to be ignored by those they affect. But these losses of personnel (including myself) as a warning that there is something wrong with the system as well as other signs won’t be heeded. They will be not given the slightest interest by the larger number of members of the failing group, and, that is why systems and societies fail. They aren’t paying attention nor taking action to what they ought to be. And so, into the sunset will go the quality that was Jeffco.

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