Moses Helped Write the Constitution? Is This What Williams Wants Taught?

According to an article in Newsweek, new Texas History Textbooks claim Moses had a hand in writing the U.S. Constitution.

Is this what Julie Williams wants our children to learn?

According to the same article, actual historian reviews of the texts are scathing.

A quote from the actual text of the book (Moses in a history textbook!)  from the article:

 “During their years of wandering in the desert of the Sinai, Moses handed down God’s Ten Commandments to the Hebrews. These commandments now form the bedrock on which the Jewish, Muslim, and Christian codes of behavior are based. The full account of Moses’ life can be found in the Bible’s book of Exodus.”

The article goes on to explain why this is not even biblical scholarship.

The textbook also makes a point of saying, according to the article, that separation of church and state is not part of the constitution.

For some truly terrifying reading (who needs Stephen King?) we recommend you read the entire article.  If you think Williams’ curriculum review committee proposal is chilling, the fact that Williams is so enamored with Texas style history will make you want to run screaming for the hills.

Frightening stuff.  And it’s not even Halloween yet.



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  1. Julie Williams would, of course, follow the Texas style since she is a died in the wool Tea Party person. I believe all the board members need to be recalled and a new election held. The members got voted in on false pretenses, false promises and have not been fiscally responsible as they stated they were going to be. Their ridiculous handling of hiring McMinimee is another reason they have showed their hand. Parents need to stand up and be counted and get these losers out!!! Seems the children are having to do it.

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