10/20 Monday Do List: There Are No Unimportant Elections Any More.

There are no unimportant elections any more. 

If there ever were.  Certainly we in Jefferson County, Colorado know that now for a fact.  It is burned into our very souls.  EVERY election MATTERS!

There are no unimportant elections any more. 

If there were, our students would not have had to gain national and international attention fighting an effort to censor their history.  However proud of them we are, it would have been far better that no such censorship effort had ever been made.  But they had to, because we, as a community, took the election last year far too lightly.  Never again!

There are no unimportant elections any more. 

It used to be that some positions were truly non-partisan and non- political.  City or County Clerk, School Board Member, dog catcher.  Now maybe the Dog Catcher is still non-political, but WNW have made School Board definitely political. And if a recall effort is launched, it is the County Clerk who has to approve the petition.  Who do you trust in that position?  WNW has taught us we cannot take ANY position for granted.

There are no unimportant elections any more. 

Extreme candidates, hiding their fanatical views, funded by huge sums of dark money, seek to gain power on the sly.  Once gained, they then wield that power without compunction, without second thought, without listening to the public, or even giving us the time of day.  And as DougCo showed last fall, they will then break the law in their efforts to keep that power.  They are like a virus, seeking that one opening, that one ‘low turnout’ election, that weakens our political immune system, and then their infection takes hold.

There are no unimportant elections any more. 

Candidates and incumbents of major offices should take sides in our fight with WNW.  If they ignore the situation, that is the same as siding with WNW, because it gives WNW the chance to focus on just fighting us, the public.  We need public office holders who are as horrified and repulsed as we are. We need State Board of Education officials, U.S. Representatives, County Commissioners, U.S. Senators, County Clerks, Governors, State Representatives, County Assessors, State Senators, and everyone else who needs votes to make it clear to WNW that their actions will not be tolerated.

There are no unimportant elections any more. 

If anyone tells you that one side is pretty much like another, try not to take their head off when you respond!  Here, in JeffCo, one side is absolutely, radically different from the other.  And to be ‘neutral‘ is to say our schools and our children do not matter.  THEY MATTER!  They are our future, the future of Jefferson County, and of Colorado.  Their education is their future.  And their future is OUR future.

There are no unimportant elections any more. 

Some will say, ‘But this election is not about the JeffCo School Board.‘  We know they are wrong.  The spiritual and political leader of WNW, Laura Boggs is running for the State Board of Education.  She has promised to do there what she and WNW have done in JeffCo. WNW look to other public office holders for acceptance and approval.

If those offices are held by people who give WNW even tacit support, if Laura Boggs wins the State Board seat,  if the wrong person is elected County Clerk, WNW’s hold on JeffCo will get tighter and stronger…and our children’s future, and the future of JeffCo becomes dimmer and dimmer.

There are no unimportant elections any more. 

Everyone else in the country is hearing nothing but sound bytes by both parties, slamming each other over national issues that do not matter much at the local level.  Here in Jefferson County, things have been reduced to a very simple level.  Does a candidate support our students fighting for their education…or do they not?  The answer to that single question will tell you everything you need to know about how important your opinions are to that candidate.  Whether they will listen to you, and take your concerns into account.  If they do not come out against WNW, against the censorship, against ignoring the public, against the lack of transparency, poor accountability, bullying, disrespect, misleading, and other repugnant actions, then they really do not care what you think or is important to you.

There are no unimportant elections any more. 

So you not only need to vote, you need to make sure that every one you know of who is registered to vote does so.  You need to call the members of your family, your friends, your neighbors, the members of your church, your co-workers, people you see in the park, at the grocery store, in a restaurant, on the sidewalk, and remind them they need to vote!

There are no unimportant elections any more!

It is an all by-mail election this year!  You should have received your ballot by now.  If not, start by going here: Just Vote Colorado (o para sitio web en español, aquí: “Usted Debe Votar, Colorado“).

If you have not been following all the campaign literature, you can check out Support Jeffco Kids 2014 Endorsement page.

If you complete and mail in your ballots by this Friday, they will be sure to arrive in time.

So, come on, JeffCo!  Vote!!!

Because There Are No Unimportant Elections
Any More!



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  1. EVERY vote counts. I was once in a tie election for county legislator. 795-795. EVERY vote counts.

  2. Very good points. Bottom line (in my opinion) ~ You’re either standing up for the kids or standing against ’em depending on your input, or lack thereof, in the upcoming election!!

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