Leave Us Alone! Koch Brothers Pouring More Money Into Jeffco


We all know people who just can’t believe the idea that the Koch Brothers helped buy the 2013 Jeffco School Board elections. Well, share this new message with them.

Not only do we know better about 2013, but now we know that they’ve committed even more resources to the fight, if they haven’t already: starting next Saturday, July 25.

A message went out from Americans for Prosperity, one of the major dark money organizations primarily funded by the Koch Brothers, that they’ll be having their ideological soldiers, mostly outsiders, going door to door and telling you that what Jeffco parents are saying is wrong. See the attached screenshot.

Hmmmm…whose facts do we believe? Jeffco parents volunteering all over the county? Or outsiders paid for by the Koch Brothers, who have no kids here, no jobs here, and nothing but a fraction of their revenue stream based here and a small group that they’ve manipulated into thinking that Jeffco Schools need massive “reform?”

Be prepared for what to say when someone knocks at your door telling you that these Koch-fueled outsiders know better.

Koch Brothers, leave us alone, and stop funding WNW!

Keep fighting, JeffCo!


9 thoughts on “Leave Us Alone! Koch Brothers Pouring More Money Into Jeffco

  1. I’m working every day for the Recalls. If we all have our signs on our yards they probably will not stop at our doors.

  2. go Jeffco, I’m behind you 100%

  3. You may already know this, but an AFP representative has been attending JeffCo school board meetings on a regular basis.

  4. Is there a protest being organized for the date, (July 25th, 10:00-3:00) time and location of this? (AFP Office 9101 N. Harlan St. #225, Westminster, CO 80031)

    Maybe we can “EDUCATE” with the TRUTH!!

  5. Don’t let what happened in Douglas County happen to you !!!

  6. Engage them at your door. It may be the last thing you want to do but act interested and get them talking. Every minute they waste on one of us is one less minute they could spend with their next signature.

  7. Where can we get yard signs?

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