How You Can Really Help With 8 Days Left

By all accounts this school board election will be very close, but there are still plenty of undecided voters, and voters who just need a little extra prompting to turn in their vote, and you really can help!

We are receiving story after story of Jeffco voters who are making up their minds now, talking to strangers about it in coffee shops, receiving phone calls, and stopping people in the store wearing “Recall” shirts and buttons.

They’ve heard that a lot of people that are for the Recall, and then they see all the expensive ads, and are just not sure now.

Both research and a long history of electioneering expertise show that “walking” and “calling” are extremely effective; many close elections turn on this “Get Out the Vote” effort. This one will too.


Here are the two best things you can do:

Phone Banking

A very high rate of people are receptive to taking calls about the election, and are often seeking that last minute advice or reassurance.

“Clean Slate” phone banking will be taking place at 10am and 5pm every day this week, and then special hours this next weekend. Please contact Alexis at to learn more and sign up.

Walking Door-to-Door

People are much more likely to pay attention to you than to a “paid someone” from outside the county, hired by Americans for Prosperity (Koch Brothers), who doesn’t really understand Jeffco and can’t answer even the most basic questions.

If you’d like to take a shift among hundreds of others that have walked and will walk, also please contact Alexis at

If you prefer, you can also sign up on Brad Rupert’s, Susan Harmon’s, Ron Mitchell’s, Amanda Stevens’, or Ali Lasell’s websites.

Keep fighting, JeffCo!