Contrasting Clarion Calls: Ron Mitchell Envisions “Dignity”; Julie Williams’ Friend Urges “Intimidation” and “Harassment”

On the eve of the swearing-in of the “Clean Slate,” the differences in approach to decorum could not be more stark.

Ron Mitchell, one of the five new incoming board members, posted this on his Facebook page:

Tomorrow night as we install the new school board, it is my hope that we can make this transition in a dignified atmosphere. One of my goals is to treat all community members who come to our board room with respect. Please join me as we work to move Jeffco schools forward on a positive note.

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Meanwhile, we are seeing nothing of the sort from WNW’s allies. In fact, quite the opposite to an alarming degree. Right here on JCSBW’s Facebook page, a long-time friend of Julie Williams posted the following:

We are going to harass, intimidate and recall the filth who now think they’re serving our children when they’re serving Union filth.

Differences of opinion: OK. Harassment and intimidation? Illegal. He carries on with even worse language but we’ll cut it off there and won’t post the screenshot this time. The screenshot has been reported to authorities. Remember this is the same person who had been long-time friends with Julie Williams, posted a call for teacher executions and more during the recall just a few weeks ago. Julie Williams was quicker to delete people who criticized Marshall from her FB page than she was to critique Marshall. Unfortunately, we see no one in WNW’s camp critiquing his comments this time either.

One thought on “Contrasting Clarion Calls: Ron Mitchell Envisions “Dignity”; Julie Williams’ Friend Urges “Intimidation” and “Harassment”

  1. An open invitation to anyone who is remotely connected to WNW: Please call the Denver Board of Realtors, secure an agent, get a For Sale sign in front of your houses ASAP, and leave JeffCo. Your behavior is reprehensible, offensive, disgusting and SOPHOMORIC! There’s a red carpet awaiting all of you in Douglas Cty – the quicker you get there the better off all of JeffCo will be!

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