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  1. As I understand the negotiation process an MOU was signed by BOTH sides. Then language was changed or re-asserted by the board president. The fault lies with the board/representatives not the union. The union is obligated to present the signed TA. Mr. Witt keeps blaming JCEA when it looks like his side dropped the ball.

    Personally I believe this is all a ruse. To say on one hand that we want to give you a raise, but then actually eventually say we can’t come to an agreement and then say here is what you get.

    They showed their priority- over pay an under qualified superintendent, but not pay the people who work with kids day to day

  2. Lets get the word out to the general public about these extremist board members who are discussing censorship in curriculum, failing to collaborate with staff, wasting taxpayer money and appear to be implementing and extreme ideology.

    I would like to ask Colorado GOP candidates what they think about this board majority and if they support this type of governance. As a citizen and parent, I expect better from our representatives regardless of their personal views.

    I expect my elected officials to work in the best interest of the entire district. I expect the board to collaborate with the workforce, be transparent, work with each others different viewpoints, and be informed about the issues. Having a three to two majority vote on virtually every major board decision is not in the best interest of the district and shows a lack of negotiation and collaboration.

    I expect this kind of nonsense in Washington, not here in Colorado. As citizens and parents of students in Jeffco, we deserve better than this!

  3. I guess you live in a fantasy world. In every other profession you have to prove yourself to earn a raise. I think my kids have to prove more to get good grades.

    • Are you sure it is not you who is living in a fantasy world? Where all complex problems have simple answers? That works well in fiction, but falls short in the real world.

  4. Mr. Donze,

    Nothing in my post discusses anything about getting a raise. I only talked about collaboration with the workforce.

    It seems to me that teachers are where the rubber meets the road. Why should they be devalued or or considered not to have a vested interest in kids education?

    If you want to talk about “proving yourself”, then you rest your assumption that educational outcome is solely dependent on a teachers performance in the classroom and that it can be directly measured and correlates to outcome.

    I suggest there are many factors to a child’s educational success such as curriculum type and delivery, classroom size, social and economic factors, students native language, organizational structure, public or private funding levels, parental involvement, community support, etc..

    A majority of those factors are well beyond a teachers control.

    If you want to talk about a fantasy world, what happens in four years when the Jeffco school district is broke due to the diversion of funds to new and current charter schools, the failure to fund current school infrastructure, and other wasteful spending?
    My guess is the new board will need to increase taxes or close schools. My guess is nobody will win in that situation regardless of which ideology you subscribe to – especially if you own property in Jefferson County.

  5. Watch out for decisions regarding block scheduling in the high school.
    We got a taste of it just this past month.
    If you look at Douglas county there are kids walking around with nothing to do. I was at a King Soopers right next door to Thunderridge high school and it was full of students hanging out and blocking aisles. There were students smoking around the corners. They just cannot handle that long of an off period. Students belong in school learning not running around the neighborhoods.

  6. As I attend my third night in a row of fabulous Ralston Valley High School presentations (overlooking the dramatic overcrowding and bursting-at-the seams auditorium and gymnasium), I see the outcome of clear teacher devotion and amazing students.
    The academic achievement presentations, followed by two nights of choral music magic, leaves me feeling very proud of the kids, but in awe of the accomplishments and commitment of the teachers. As a parent of one, I know teenagers are not an easy stage of human development to work with. With this inspirational few nights of witnessing how well our Jeffco teachers manage this, I have to encourage you all to please educate yourself on the upcoming School Board Ballot and Election.

    We have excellent schools, teachers, and high achieving students. I have worked in the poorest school districts in the Mississippi Delta in my youth, and I KNOW how blessed my children are to attend the public schools available to us here.
    Please don’t take this for granted. Please vote your appreciation of quality public schools. Please vote to not squeeze more out of less resources. And please vote to make room for the booming growth of homes, families, and STUDENTS spilling out across our rolling plains. They are our future.

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