The Jefferson County School Board Watch is a group of people who are very concerned about the current direction the Jefferson County School Board.  We started this website in January of 2014.   Our purpose is to make sure that any and all actions taken by the Board are well publicized and widely available for public scrutiny.  Additionally, we try to provide the public with insight and information on the probable actions of the Board and their possible consequences.  We are also focused on taking what we have learned and, through various means, inform and educate the public on issues facing the School District.  From time to time, we will encourage the members of the public to express themselves, their feelings, beliefs, and conclusions to the Board.  We do not accept donations.  We are doing this strictly as a public service.



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  1. Below is an email I received this morning, as with many of the other communications from the school district and various school administrators pertaining to the school board issues, there are so many things “wrong” with its content!

    On Sep 21, 2014, at 11:17 PM, Ryan Alsup wrote:

    Good evening Evergreen families,

    This evening I was informed that our some of our students may stage a protest against our school board tomorrow morning. While I support our students’ rights to have their voices heard, I would prefer that our students find an alternative method that does not take them out of the classroom. There are a number of ways to do this, but the most immediate ways would be through the Jeffco Student Town Hall meeting on October 22nd, or through the public comment process at the next school board meeting. If anyone is interested in speaking at the next school board meeting, you must sign up in advance. For more information on speaking at the next board meeting, please visit http://www.jeffcopublicschools.org/board/participate.html. This year, Jeffco will be hosting a Student Town Hall Meeting on October 22nd. Although seating will be limited at the actual event, I’d be willing to work with Student Senate to host a viewing party here to continue the conversation. If any student is interested in participating in the Town Hall Meeting, please have them discuss this with their student senate representatives.

    I apologize for sending this message out so late, but once I heard about our students’ plans, I thought it would be important to communicate with you. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at ralsup@jeffco.k12.co.us, or call the school at 303-982-5140.


    Ryan Alsup

    Principal of Evergreen High School

    Evergreen High School engages all students in rigorous, innovative, and creative educational experiences that prepare them to advance the global community.

    Please do not reply to this email. If you would like to contact me about this message, please email me at ralsup@jeffco.k12.co.us.

  2. Been trying to find a place to keep up with what’s going on with jeffco, My wife does not have time ! She is a teacher.

  3. Thank you for keeping us updated!

  4. Yes, I can see how there would be a rash of new subscribers. As I voiced previously, supported this school board up until they started this curriculum review nonsense. If the board wants to taunt the whiny, constantly-complaining teachers’ union, that’s fine with me. I’m all for school choice, equal funding for charter schools, and teacher accountability. But we do not live in TEXAS (thank God). The board’s proposal clearly references promoting “respect for authority” and not condoning “civil disorder or social strife.” It is wholly un-American to NOT condone civil disobedience and social strife — that’s how positive change has always happened in this country from day one. I’ll be showing up when these narrow-minded mouth-breathers are up for re-election. They went too far and lost my support. This school board needs to keep their ignorant tea-party mindset out of the classroom curriculum. Such is the risk in voting Republican; you get stuck with their social and religious agenda and it outweighs any good they might do.

  5. The Party in Oceania controls everything including the people’s history and language. The Party tries to prevent any political rebellion in this nation; even thinking rebellious thoughts is not legal.

    The novel 1984 by George Orwell

    No! Wait! What?

    It’s the Jefferson County Conservative School Board members who want to squelch students’ rebellious thoughts through the teaching of Advanced Placement History!

    Beware these new Thought Police!

  6. I am a retired teacher with 32 years of service. I see Jefferson County headed down the same road as Douglas County and that is not good.

  7. I find it odd that the same Tea Partiers that want to stifle decent named themselves after the Boston Tea Party which was also a form of civil disobedience.
    I expect a repeat of the Scope’s Monkey Trial once the Tea Party obtains control of curriculum. Not to mention the adoption of Jesus statues for the classroom once they managed to do away with the separation of church and state.

  8. I will be available after July 16th

  9. Support our Jeffco students today…they are the future!

  10. Where can I get a recall yard sign to put up in my yard?

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