The Jefferson County School Board Watch is a group of people who are very concerned about the current direction the Jefferson County School Board.  We started this website in January of 2014.   Our purpose is to make sure that any and all actions taken by the Board are well publicized and widely available for public scrutiny.  Additionally, we try to provide the public with insight and information on the probable actions of the Board and their possible consequences.  We are also focused on taking what we have learned and, through various means, inform and educate the public on issues facing the School District.  From time to time, we will encourage the members of the public to express themselves, their feelings, beliefs, and conclusions to the Board.  We do not accept donations.  We are doing this strictly as a public service.



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  1. I can’t thank you enough for the countless hours of work you’re doing on behalf of our kids and the greater Jeffco community. This site provides the detailed, articulate information we need to understand what is happening. I appreciate the context you include around complicated issues and the action steps you offer to readers. Your posts are absolutely critical for those of us who are trying to keep up with the egregious actions of WNW.

  2. Didn’t see news regarding the linked website referenced on your site and thought it might be of interest.

    • We actually reviewed that article in our Wednesday News Roundup:

      Look for the article titled “The Further DougCo-ization of JeffCo“.
      Thanks for making sure we did not miss it!

  3. Good Morning,
    I sent you a link regarding Mountain Phoenix Community School. I ask that you consider publishing it to your website.
    An investigation of the Jeffco Charter School is urgently needed as it appears that they were not eligible or even needing the $250k loan that the Jeffco School Board approved earlier this past year.
    The Change.org petition is directed to the Private Bondholder as they are the ones who are responsible for Mountain Phoenix adhering to the legal responsibilities of being a not-for-profit charter.
    Your readers would be very interested in reading about the governing decisions that the MPCS Governing Council has made. It appears that this school is being mismanaged and the District is willing to go along and support it.
    Please take a look at the petition at Change.org. If you type into the search bar either “nuveen” or “Mountain Phoenix”, you will be able to decide for yourself whether it is newsworthy.

    Thank you,

    Sir Daniel Bilbruck

    • Actually we did post it. It is in the comment section under our 9/4 post (Why Go To The Meeting Tonight?…) We even included an active link to your petition (here it is again: link)

      You might also want to post it as a comment on our Facebook link. Over 90% of our readers find us there, as opposed to the actual blog site.

  4. What are JCSBW’s thoughts on option schools as opposed to charter schools?

    • Option schools are generally a very good idea. They help address the fact that not everyone falls within the standard learning model. Also they can be used to supplement the more traditional curricula. The difference between them and Charter schools lies in the fact that Option schools remain under the control of the District, and are subject to it’s oversight. Charter schools are not.

  5. Thank you. After visiting this site I finally have enough confidence to get out there and speak up. I have been reluctant to take bold actions, concerned that I would get rattled and sound like an idiot. I feel armed and ready to join the fray. Keep it up, as I will be returning to this site for “re-fueling”.

    • Thank you for the complement. It actually works both ways. The comments from our readers help’s us keep going as well!

      As far as worried about getting rattled…pretty much everyone feels that way the first few times. In fact, an old speakers adage says the time you aren’t nervous before giving a speech is the one time you really should be! So take heart! Take courage from your convictions, energy from your passion, and preparation from your fears, then you will do well.

  6. Been following the Jeffco school board off and on since the 2013 election with growing concern. The Williams curriculum committee proposal motivated me to subscribe to this site.

    • Thank you for subscribing. You are not alone. We have had a surge of new subscribers since Ms. Williams unveiled her Orwellian committee.

  7. Do you have the ability to delete comments? I was tired and had not finished my first coffee and proofread my first comment this morning. Can you remove it, leaving the last one intact…I am embarrassed by the amount of typos in it?


  8. Thank you for fighting for what is right.
    I am tired of seeing great teachers taken hits from every angle.

    Some teachers are having to get second jobs to make ends meet.

    I know so many teachers who have lost homes and remain working here.

    Thank you to all teachers. You have my love and respect!

  9. Why is there no “contact us” section? I know quite a few people who want to get involved, but if there is no organization, all this will be is internet grousing and nothing will get done…

    • An excellent point, and a definite oversight on our part. We should have a ‘Contact Us’ section up in the next day or so. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

    • We now have a “Contact Us” option under the “About” tab.
      Thank you again for bringing it to our attention.

  10. I believe that lying to our kids about history will do nothing but create “law breaking” and “unpatriotic” citizens as soon as those that have been lied to find out the truth. At that time the B.O.E. should be held responsible for creating “rebels”. Nothing better to create rebels than to lie to them and use them as political buffers. Is there anyway the citizens of Jeffco can De – seat these political worthogs?

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