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39 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hello Again: I agree wholeheartedly with your broader concerns regarding whether or not further changes may be made in other classes as well. If you are interested, here is the speech (60 seconds!!) that I gave at the school board meeting several weeks ago about my additional concerns from Julie Williams’ use of the phrase: “theories should be distinguished from fact”:

    Dear Board Members:
    My name is Dr. Stacey Weiland, I am a physician, and the mother of two students in the Jeffco schools.
    I am not a historian, however as a physician and a scientist, I wanted to raise another question that I am concerned about if you do succeed in censoring the newest APUSH curriculum.
    Mrs. Williams, in your proposal for the Board study committee on Common Core Standards, you state that the review criteria shall include the following: First: “instructional materials should present the most current factual information accurately and objectively.”; and second: “Theories should be distinguished from fact.”
    As a physician and a proud proponent of science and the scientific method, your second sentence has really raised my hackles.
    I practiced medicine in York, Pennsylvania several years ago when the Dover, Pennsylvania school board attempted to insert a biology textbook, called “Of Pandas and People” into the curriculum. This textbook discussed the intelligent design theory of evolution, a creationist construct.
    An often repeated phrase by proponents of this textbook was that the Darwinian theory of evolution was just a “theory” and not a fact and that the intelligent design theory, or creationism, was just as valid and should be taught as well.
    I wanted to remind you that in a subsequent legal battle of Kitzviller vs the Dover Area School District in 2005, the United States District Court ruled that the Dover school board policy violated the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, which basically refers to the separation of church and state.
    Now, going back to the APUSH question, I have read articles about the new US History textbooks being introduced by people like you into the Texas school system. These books make multiple biblical references, as well.
    If you are even thinking of replacing our children’s US history curriculum with textbooks such as these, you will also be in violation of the Constitution of the United States of America.

    Thank you
    Stacey Weiland, M.D.

    • Thank you, Dr. Wellend. We remember your comment to the Board. It was concise, well-thought out, cogent, and on point.

      With your permission, we would like to be able to re-post it at an opportune time in the near future.

      Thank you for being in the Fight!

      JeffCo School Board Watch

  2. whatever you think is best!!

  3. I was wondering where I could find the actual proposal that was passed. Thank you

  4. Is voting for Jane goff voting for the new board. Do not want to add any members to terrible 3 already.

    • Since Jane Goff’s opponent is Laura Boggs, the political high-priestess for Witt and Newkirk, in our opinion, voting for Jane is definitely voting against WNW.

  5. Is there a recall in process for these three destructive persons?

  6. Jane Goff is running against Laura Boggs.

    Ms. Boggs was the architect of the WNW campaign and was at least as crazy as WNW during her tenure on the Jeffco School Board. Ms. Boggs was the only board member ever to be censured and she managed to act so badly that she was censured *twice* (once for suggesting the superintendent should be shot during a radio interview). Fortunately, she was unable to do much damage as a 4-1 minority voice on the board.

    Please vote for Jane Goff and keep Ms. Boggs and her craziness off of the State School Board.

  7. I live in Iowa, and read about student/teacher protests on curriculum review on “Common Dreams” website.
    I am saddened and sickened by the high-handed tactics of your BOE.
    Unfortunately, this sort of practice is happening across the nation, due in part to “Citizens United”.
    Wishing you Good Luck, while keeping watch on my local school board.
    Larry Fent

  8. What has happened to your blog? I haven’t seen any posts since before Thanksgiving. I have come to really rely on your insightful, well-reasoned analysis of the situation with the Jeffco board. Will you resume posting? Thanks for all you do!

    • Sorry! We got overwhelmed! We started again tonight, beginning with an apology!

      • I worked in quality improvement in healthcare for many years. I am aware that all groups etc have many acronyms but I as a new person to your site, I had to search and read for quite a while to determine what “WNW” and APUSH stood for. Please be precise and spell out initials in the first paragraphs.

  9. What has happened to you guys?

  10. I assume, due to your long silence, that you are no longer able to keep the website going. I just wanted say I really miss your insightful, well crafted messages and analysis. You have provided a valuable public service. Thank you! I sincerely hope you have not be coerced into discontinuing. The voters of Jeffco need more people like you. Thanks for being so brave.

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