The Current Price of WNW+Miller – $924,266.50

Total Costs directly associated with actions of WNW+Miller:  $924,266.50

Teacher equivalents = 18  (now equal to the teacher staffing of a small elementary school)

Expense Timeline:

March 2014 – $257,500

$7,500 – Mr. Miller’s February minimum retainer (may be higher)

$250,000 – Loan to Mountain Phoenix Community Schools.

February 2014 – $256,274

$7,500 – Mr. Miller’s February minimum retainer (may be higher)

$44,580 – Hiring of Ray & Associates to search for a replacement for Dr. Stevenson

$204,194 – Paid to Dr. Stevenson for forcing her out four months early.

January 2014 – $407,500

$7,500 – Mr. Miller’s January minimum retainer (actual bill was for $14,261, but he gave the District a ‘discount’ of $6,761.  How long will this discounting last?)

$400,000 – WNW’s loan to Collegiate Academy

December 2013 – $2,992.50

$2,992.50 – Mr. Miller’s December charge (WNW hired him mid-month)


Breakdown by Categories:

Dr. Stevenson leaving:  $248,774.

Hiring Mr. Miller as the Board’s Personal Attorney:  $25,492.50

Loans to poorly managed Charter Schools:  $650,000.

8 thoughts on “The Current Price of WNW+Miller – $924,266.50

  1. I assume Mr. Miller is the board attorney. This is a budgeted expense. if you research you will find the board has always had an attorney, the costs were just buried. As to the cost of a search firm to find superintendent replacement. This is standard. The Superintendent resigned of her own free will, before even meeting the newly elected members. As she chose to break her contract I ask why she was paid this amount.

    • Actually, no. The District has always had an attorney. Alan Taggert filled that role until he resigned effective December 31st. He also functioned as the head of the Employee Relations department.

      Mr. Miller was explicitly not hired as the District’s attorney (which is a full-time position, requires a open job application, and cannot be chosen by the Board), but as the Boards attorney. This is very significant difference. It means that Mr. Millers’ legal responsibility is not to the District but to the Board. And under Colorado law and official Board governing policies, the Board is not the District.

      What this means is that if there is a conflict between the Board and the District interests, Mr. Miller would have to fight for the Board against the District.

      Further, while the Board refused to replace Mr. Taggert in January, their reasons were not that they did not need a replacement, but that they wanted to give the new Superintendent a ‘clean slate’ to work from. From that, one can only conclude that Mr. Miller’s position is anticipated to be in addition to the District’s attorney. Therefore, Mr. Miller’s expenses are not found in the original budget.

      As for Dr. Stevenson simply resigning and not being forced out, please see our comments in response to this canard in our response to Mr. R. last night. We maintain that an objective viewing of the evidence shows she was forced out.

      Also, Dr. Stevenson did not break her contract. She asked to be let out of it early due to the hostile environment. The Board agreed. That is not a breaking of the contract, but rather an agreed upon modification. Breaking a contract is when one side unilaterally chooses to act in violation of the contract. A mutually agreed upon modification is not breaking. The amount she was paid was a result of the negotiation between her and the Board, so you would better off directing that question to WNW.

      • If Mr. Miller was hired as the school board’s attorney, and not the school district’s, is it legal to use school district money to pay his salary, over $25,000 in less than four months?

  2. Clear, concise and excellent information JCSBW.

  3. I understood that the hiring of the 18 new teachers was to come from teachers already in the system. I was assuming that these teachers salaries were already whatever they were being paid. Are you saying that they agreed to hire 18 teachers on top of what they already had and wasn’t this also the suggestion of the budget committee?

  4. Not sure what the big deal is here. School boards are responsible for hiring certain firms/employees, namely attorneys, architects, superintendent.

    • These are costs to the District that are directly attributable to WNW and that otherwise most likely would not have occurred.

      For specific information on these costs, we recommend you review the following posts and pages:

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