New Video: Simple Case for Recall

A simple 2:30 video to share with any friends who are still undecided. This hits plainly some of the main reasons behind the recall. Something important to keep in mind is that the instances cited here are just representative of repeated behaviors.

Why Recall the Jeffco School Board Majority

Uploaded by Jeffco DataView on 2015-10-29.

Thanks to our friends at Jeffco Data View for putting this together.

Keep Fighting, Jeffco!

BALLOT UPDATE: No Complacency!

There were fresh reports on ballot numbers cast in Jeffco today. Here’s the deal. For the first time in the last two weeks, GOP ballots returned now outnumber Democrat ballots returned, of course with a lot of Unaffiliated ballots in the mix too.


Now, we are certainly not all Democrats here. We’re a mix of affiliations (yes, we have Republican writers too), and we respect much of what the Republican party has to offer. But let’s face it: in this situation, this party split is one barometer of the possible election results. After all, the WNW campaigns are asking people to report to the Jeffco GOP headquarters to make calls to voters, evidencing further enmeshment of the GOP with a nonpartisan race.

Why these ballot results aren’t as bad as it sounds: Often, Republican voters vote early, and Democrats vote later. The fact that the “D” ballots have been ahead is cause for optimism in this case, because that is usually not the case soon after ballots drop. Furthermore, we strongly assume that more Republicans will vote for the recall than Democrats will vote against, and we also assume that Unaffiliated voters will be at least 50/50 for the recall. So, a slight GOP lead isn’t all bad news.

Why this isn’t good: It’s currently heading in the wrong direction. If the GOP ballot lead keeps growing over the next few days, that would be troubling. If the trend continues like this…

What it all means: As projected, this could very well be so very close, that every vote that you fight for truly may make a difference. You may be tired or want to be complacent, but please don’t relax yet! Remember this summer when we said this recall will be a marathon and not a sprint? We’re in those final, painful miles — but we need to finish the race.

In the final analysis, it’s as simple as this: spend some time calling this weekend, please! See the link below for more details, with links on how to help. People really do respond to calls about the election, and need guidance, in the days before the election! You can still make a difference in this most important election!

How You Can Really Help With 8 Days Left

By all accounts this school board election will be very close, but there are still plenty of undecided voters, and voters who just need a little extra prompting to turn in their vote, and you really can help!

Keep fighting, JeffCo!


Jeffco Conservatives Demand School Board Recall


Radio Jeffco’s 7th podcast is a thoughtful and strong discussion with three Jeffco conservatives who identify their conservative values and why those values lead them to support the recall.

proud conversative 2


Our mission is to share the voices of Jeffco residents concerned about outsiders trying to take control of our schools and community.

Join Katie Vernon and Bob Zachman as they listen to insights from Kay Slater, Dale Munholland, and Michael Clark about their conservatism, why they don’t see Ken Witt, John Newkirk, and Julie Williams leading according to true conservative principles, and why they believe that the “Clean Slate” will better represent their values.

How You Can Really Help With 8 Days Left

By all accounts this school board election will be very close, but there are still plenty of undecided voters, and voters who just need a little extra prompting to turn in their vote, and you really can help!

We are receiving story after story of Jeffco voters who are making up their minds now, talking to strangers about it in coffee shops, receiving phone calls, and stopping people in the store wearing “Recall” shirts and buttons.

They’ve heard that a lot of people that are for the Recall, and then they see all the expensive ads, and are just not sure now.

Both research and a long history of electioneering expertise show that “walking” and “calling” are extremely effective; many close elections turn on this “Get Out the Vote” effort. This one will too.


Here are the two best things you can do:

Phone Banking

A very high rate of people are receptive to taking calls about the election, and are often seeking that last minute advice or reassurance.

“Clean Slate” phone banking will be taking place at 10am and 5pm every day this week, and then special hours this next weekend. Please contact Alexis at to learn more and sign up.

Walking Door-to-Door

People are much more likely to pay attention to you than to a “paid someone” from outside the county, hired by Americans for Prosperity (Koch Brothers), who doesn’t really understand Jeffco and can’t answer even the most basic questions.

If you’d like to take a shift among hundreds of others that have walked and will walk, also please contact Alexis at

If you prefer, you can also sign up on Brad Rupert’s, Susan Harmon’s, Ron Mitchell’s, Amanda Stevens’, or Ali Lasell’s websites.

Keep fighting, JeffCo!


Recall 101

ICMYI and BBPD (Back By Popular Demand)…we have gotten strong reviews on our Recall 101 page from a couple weeks ago, so we are republishing as we head into the weekend and yet more people are sitting down with their ballots.

DSCN0244There’s a tab at the top of our website homepage so you can access it easily and share this concise rationale with your still-unsure family and pals. Thanks to our readers for the suggestion!

We’re also sharing the following well-organized description of the main reasons behind the recall, if you prefer to share this piece instead or as well:

Your Voice: Top Four Reasons to Recall Jeffco School Board Majority

There are four major reasons to vote to recall Ken Witt, Julie Williams, and John Newkirk. For the sake of our children and their educational futures we must restore local control, transparency, fiscal responsibility, and respect for parents, educators, and the community. #4 Restore Local Control Local control exists for a reason.