10/13: Monday Do, Weekend Review, & Meeting Preview

credit:  RayHart Digital-Stories

credit: RayHart Digital-Stories

After all the dramatic events and excitement over the last three weeks, people might be forgiven for thinking this last weekend was ‘quiet’.

It was, but only in comparison to the most recent events. Compared to a month ago, the overall pace of events here in JeffCo has definitely picked up.

Monday Do List:

  1. Read the Weekend Review and decide how you are going to get involved.  At the bottom of the post is a list of organizations you can contact.  Make Even A Bigger Difference!
  2. Read the Thursday Prep notes below, then write an email to the Board (board@jeffco.k12.co.us), asking them to explain something important to you, such as why they would not wait the policy required two meetings before voting on the curricula censorship comittee proposal.
  3. Support Jeffco Kids has come out with their 2014 endorsements for the upcoming election. Read them!
  4. Tell at least three friends, neighbors, co-workers, family members, or strangers about what is going on and try to get them to come to a Board meeting (just one time is generally enough for people to see why WNW needs to be opposed).
  5. Put up a sign in car or window, letting people know that you oppose WNW.
  6. Contact Support Jeffco Kids and get a yard sign!
  7. Contact Jeffco Students For Change, and let them know you support them!
  8. Keep Fighting!

Weekend Review

Saturday, The Jeffco Students for Change held a rally at Clement Park. There were great t-shirts and buttons, homemade signs, local bands, and speakers. If you missed it, you missed a lot! But this terrific animoto slide show by RayHart Digital-Stories captured it extremely well.

Nicholas Garcia of Chalkbeat was there and wrote this report: Jeffco students, at rally, flirt with recall effort.

The Network for Public Education held a national conference in Brooklyn, New York on Saturday.  As of Sunday night, #PubEdNation is still trending number 1 on Twitter.  Jeffco School Board Watch had two of its members attend.  We will have a post from them later in the week.

Thursday Meeting Preview:

Note: In an effort to make the posts shorter, we are going to edit down to key information only.  We will include a link to BoardDocs site as well as one to the agenda in a form suitable for printing.

BOE Meeting 2014-10-16 (Thursday night)

Date and Time: Thursday, October 16, 2014 at 5:30 p.m.

Education Center, 1829 Denver West Drive, Bldg. 27, Golden, CO

Key Agenda Items

Subject: 2.01 Monitoring: Student Achievement
PRESENTING STAFF: Dr. Syna Morgan, chief academic officer, Dr. Carol Eaton, executive director of Instructional Data in Educational Research and Design
PURPOSE: For the Board of Education to receive an update on student achievement for the 2013/2014 school year.

BACKGROUND: Board Ends policy 1 states, “every student will master the Colorado Content Standards at grade level.” Board Ends policy 2 states, “every student will achieve at least one year’s growth, or more as needed to ‘catch up,’ in every year of school and be ready for the next level.” Board Ends policy 3 states, “every student will graduate career and workforce and/or post secondary ready.” Annually, the Board of Education has requested a monitoring report on student achievement from district administration.

Results from the administration of 2013-2014 state assessments (including TCAP and ACT) from the District Performance Framework and the graduation and dropout rates will be formally presented to the Board by

File Attachments: PRESENTATION Student Achievement__BOE_Oct 2014.pdf (3,307 KB)

2.02 Status Update on Assessment
PRESENTING STAFF: Brad A. Miller, board attorney; Dan M. McMinimee, superintendent Dr. Syna Morgan, chief academic officer
PURPOSE: For the Board of Education to have a deeper understanding of the current assessments in Jeffco Public Schools.

BACKGROUND: At the August 28, 2014 meeting, the Board of Education requested information about the current assessments in Jeffco in order to have a deeper understanding of the impact on the system.

The information provided includes assessments administered in Jeffco, estimated time and cost factors associated with those assessments, and the general uses by classrooms, schools and/or the district.

File Attachments: PRESENTATION Jeffco assessment landscape_BOE _Oct 2014.pdf (595 KB)

Our Comments on these two items: Our feelings on this are best summed up by an email sent to the Board and Mr. McMinimee by Brenda Bronson (who gives credit to Wendy McCord for the original analysis), along with McMinimee’s response. It is reprinted below with permission:

From: Brenda Bronson
Sent: Saturday, October 11, 2014 11:07 AM
To: Fellman Jill; Newkirk John; Williams Julie; Witt Ken; Dahlkemper Lesley; McMinimee Dan M
Cc: Nic Garcia; Nelson Garcia; Jeffco School Board Media; Jeffco School Board Media; canderson@; Jeffco School Board Media
Subject: Thoughts on Oct. 16 Board Meeting Agenda Item 2.01, Monitoring Student Achievement

Studying this agenda item’s report, these things jumped out at me:

  1. On TCAP: Jeffco, as a district, scores higher in most areas than Dougco. In the two areas where we are lower, it is by ONE point. Let not model ourselves after Dougco – it’s achievement has been on a downward trend for past few years.
  2. More than 60% of our students taking AP exams score 3 or higher – and there’s lots of them! More than 800 students receiving a 3 or higher on the APUSH exam – that’s a lot of college credits! Our ENTIRE Board needs to support our Jeffco students receiving these college credits!
  3. More importantly, students in Jeffco do better on AP tests than across the WORLD:Jeffco School District – 2.91
    Colorado – 2.90
    United States – 2.87
    Global – 2.89
  1. Our remediation rates are the third lowest in the metro area.  Our rate is amazingly low given the high percentage of our students receiving FRL, in comparison to the other top 5 remediation rates.

I’ve noted some board members have disparaged the achievement of our district and state their model of having choice of more charter schools will somehow increase Jeffco’s achievement. That model of more choices has not increased achievement in Dougco and they have less children on FRL. The numbers show Jeffco’s achievement is good. Please keep it that way!

McMinimee’s Response:

From: McMinimee Dan M <DMCMINIM@jeffco.k12.co.us>
Date: October 11, 2014 at 8:08:18 PM MDT
To: Brenda Bronson <brendabronsonfpe@gmail.com>
Subject: RE: Thoughts on Oct. 16 Board Meeting Agenda Item 2.01, Monitoring Student Achievement

Dear Ms. Bronson,

Thank you for taking the time to send me your analysis of the Jeffco achievement results. We do have some things to celebrate for sure.


Dan McMinimee

It will be interesting to see 1) How strongly McMinimee and Morgan ‘celebrate’ these scores that they cannot take credit for since they were achieved under Dr. Stevenson and Dr. Beck; 2) How much WNW ignores the good news and focuses on anything else; 3) If there is any recognition that the student walkouts in response to the new censorship capability the Board has arrogated to itself is due in large part to the excellent understanding and critical thinking skills that JeffCo has been giving its students; and 4) How much credit is given to the teachers for their work.

Any bets?

2.03 Superintendent Goals 2014-2015
PRESENTING STAFF: Dan McMinimee, superintendent
PURPOSE: For the Board of Education to begin discussions on the performance goals to be set for Superintendent Dan McMinimee for the 2014-2015 school year.

BACKGROUND: Board/Staff Linkage policy 4, Monitoring Superintendent Performance, calls for the Board of Education to evaluate the superintendent on an annual basis in October following receipt of student achievement data. As Mr. McMinimee has not had performance goals set, beyond those outlined in the Board’s Ends policies 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, the Board will be following policy by setting or affirming performance goals by the end of October.

File Attachments: (None at time of posting, early Monday morning. File link added 10/15) Possible Superintendent Goals.pdf (82 KB)

Our Comments: Curiouser and curiouser!Two things have struck us on this item. The first is that McMinimmee is apparently presenting on what he thinks his goals should be, and secondly that there is no attachment (so far) listing what he thinks those goals should be for the Board members to study ahead of time. Is that, perhaps, because a majority of the Board and McMinimee have already come to an unofficial agreement? Or maybe it is because McMinimee has not given it enough thought yet? Or is it because McMinimee plans to ‘wing it’?

Note – the above attachment is now available.  Almost everyone of our comments above still stands.  If you read the document, you find that someone simply took the already stated goals for the Board and District and either restated it verbatim or simply inserted “Provide leadership to” in front of it.  Image if a senior employee of a Fortune 1000 company had done this prior to meeting his or her boss to discuss his or her years “goals”.  At the very least, it would have immediately initiated a serious discussion about the relative seriousness with which the employee took process.  In the case of a high school student turning in a major paper outline, the conversation with the teacher might have been more along the lines of the teacher asking the student, “Just how dumb do you think I am?”

In our opinion, this response indicates how much serious thought McMinimee has given to the idea that he will actually be held accountable for his and the District’s performance, e.g., none.

Our experience in the corporate world is that an employee is supposed to send to his or her boss a list of goals ahead of the meeting where they are agreed to. Apparently Mr. Witt and Mr. Newkirk’s vaunted business experience and acumen differs from private business HR standards in this matter. One would be very curious to see just how the HR departments at their companies are run.

Organizations that can help you make even a bigger difference!

  • Support Jeffco Kids.  “SJK” is a 501(c)4 organization, and so can accept donations and engage in political activities.  It has worked hard at organizing opposition to WNW policies in the community, and they seem to be one of the key groups.  You can join their mailing list here, and donate here.
  • JeffcoExodus.  This is a new group.  They are looking for volunteers whose role it will be to participate in two-way communication with their network and the volunteer’s local community.  At times these volunteers will need to quickly disseminate factual information to their own school and networks. Volunteers will also gather factual information and personal stories about staff turnover, families choosing to leave Jeffco, and other significant effects the actions of this Board Majority are having on school communities. You can contact them at this email:  JeffcoExodus@gmail.com.
  • Citizens For Responsible Education is focused on reaching out to those in JeffCo who do not have a direct connection to the school district.  Their mission is to help those citizens realize that fate of JeffCo’s schools, students, and teachers directly impacts their business, their jobs, their home values, and them.
  • Your local PTA.  Even if you do not have a child in school, your local PTA can use your help and input. Michelle Patterson, the President of JeffCo PTA, gave a blistering speech to WNW at the meeting.  What ever happens, the JeffCo PTA will be in the thick of things.  Either contact your local school or the County PTA here: JeffCo PTA Volunteers.
  • JeffCo School Board Watch!  Yes, you can help us. There are many things we have wanted to do that we just do not have the time for, such as maintaining a list of news articles/stories, tracking how much WNW has cost the taxpayers, updating a list of significant board activities, monitoring social media and keeping us aware of what is happening where, or even writing articles for us (we will work with you on topic and editing practices).  You can email us at Jeffcowatch+help@gmail.com.
  • Jeffco Students For Change  is a group of students representing most or all of Jefferson County’s high schools that have gotten together to add their voice to the public outcry against the WNW deconstruction of their schools.  If nothing else, go and ‘Like’ their page.  These are students we all should be very proud of!

Come to the meeting on Thursday!  Your attendance makes a difference every single time!  Every pair of eyes adds that much more public light, public knowledge, and public awareness of things that WNW would rather keep dark and obscure.

So come to the meeting and…

Keep Fighting, JeffCo!



10/11 Saturday Post: Of Patriots and Patriotism

History Quiz
Last Friday (10/3), during the “Boots on the Boulevard II” demonstration, some participants at had a disturbing incident.

People who were there told us this:

At the northeast corner of Jewell and Wadsworth, ‘Boots’ demonstrators were waving signs and getting appreciated honks back from the passing cars and trucks.  Then around 5:00 p.m., a man in his late 20’s appeared.  He was wearing slacks, a dress shirt, tie, and wraparound sunglasses.

He was very agitated, and began haranguing the parents, students (including some very young ones), and teachers.

He started off with accusing everyone of being ‘pawns’ of the union ‘thugs’.  Then he started demanding to know why we wanted to teach our kids liberal anti-American misinformation.  When some parents disagreed with him, he began shouting and striding back and forth.

It was then he headed towards some 5-7th grade boys who had accompanied their parents.  He was shouting at them that they hated America.  Two of the demonstrators, a father and a teacher, quickly interposed themselves between him and the young boys, not touching him (he was shouting that touching him was “assault!”), but more like a moving screen in basketball.

After several minutes of this, he gave up trying to get to the kids, and started half-running along the street, weaving in and out of the ‘Boots’ demonstrators, waving his fist and shouting at the cars who were honking.  “You hate America!  Let’s hear it for hating America!”

The irony is that with the traffic noise and honking, most likely nobody understood what he was saying.  They probably thought he was siding with the ‘Boots’ people.

By this time, one of the mothers had called 911 to report him, and the Lakewood Police were supposed to be on the way.  Shortly after that, the man crossed over to the southeast corner to rant at the people and cars over there.  He then began crossing against traffic, and yelling at cars from the median strips.  Some ‘Boots’ people began to grow concerned that he was going to be hit by a car, he was bouncing around in traffic so much.

After about 20 minutes of this, he abruptly came back from the median, got into his car, and disappeared northbound on Wadsworth.  About five minutes after that, the Lakewood Police arrived, but the incident was over.

We do not doubt that this person considers himself a “patriot”.  We do not doubt that his beliefs are sincere.  We also do not doubt that Julie Williams, Ken Witt, and John Newkirk would also consider him to be a ‘patriot’ as well.

Perhaps he is not so much a patriot as he is a “nationalist.”

In our meaning, a nationalist is someone who views his or her country as virtually divine, and often ascribes a divine calling to it.  Because that country is divine, it also can do no wrong, or if it does do wrong, it should not be talked about, studied, or learned from.  “America, Love It or Leave It!”, and “My country, right or wrong, my country,”  are but two examples of nationalist-type sayings.

In many ways, the love a nationalist feels for his or her country is similar to that which a young child feels towards a parent.  The parent is the all-knowing, all-powerful, ‘best daddy or mommy’ in the world.  Saying anything that makes the parent appear less than perfect, can result in a ferocious denial. Nationalists draw their feeling of security and self-worth from believing that their country is nigh on perfect, and will viciously attack anyone who disagrees with them at any point.

Most children outgrow this feeling.  Some do not.

A Patriot, on the other hand, is someone who loves his or her country as a parent loves a child.  She sees all the possibilities of what the child can grow up to be and do.  But she is also very aware that the child can go astray, and it is her duty to provide correction to the child and see that the child learns lessons from his mistakes.

So a Nationalist, when confronted with something his or her country did that was shameful and/or wrong, will often insist that it either did not really happen, or did not happen that way, or try to justify it by pointing out others had done the same thing.  When all else fails, the nationalist will often resort to accusing the person who is pointing out the failure of being ‘anti-American’, which is morally equivalent to being a traitor in their book.

A Patriot, instead, when confronted with the fact that her country did something wrong or shameful, responds by trying to learn everything about the incident, then tries to start a conversation about it so lessons can be learned and how similar mistakes can be avoided in the future.

In short, a Nationalist has to believe that their country is already as close to perfection as possible.

A Patriot knows that by applying the lessons learned from earlier mistakes, their country can grow and become a better nation.

The students whose protests have sparked the country, want to know how we have gone wrong in the past, so to try and help our country grow into a better nation.  They are true patriots.

Join us later today (12:00 noon) at Clement Park in Littleton to see some real patriots.   Help us support JeffCo’s “little rebelsJeffco Students For Change in the patriotic act of taking an active role in our democracy, and help to build our country into that ‘shining city on a hill’.

Come on, Jeffco!  What are you waiting for?



10/9 Update – Want To Ask Some Dan McMinimee Hard Questions?


Dan McMinimee is speaking tonight at the Holy Shepherd Lutheran Church at 9th & Kipling in Lakewood.

We just learned about this from several different sources. 

Apparently, back in July, the Lakewood branch of the AAUW (American Association of University Women) had scheduled McMinimee to speak tonight.  This was part of his ‘charm offensive’, and the date was set long before Julie Williams launched her successful effort to give WNW ideological censorship capabilities over JeffCo curricula.

The meeting is open to the public starting at 6:30 p.m. with McMinimee scheduled to begin speaking at 7:00 p.m.  It is supposed to last until 9:00 p.m.

This is your opportunity to ask Mr. McMinimee those tough questions, such as:

  • Who on the Board did you talk to about the ‘compromise’ proposal prior to the October 2nd Board Meeting?
  • What is the relationship between you and Brad Miller, the Board Attorney?  Does he ever come to talk to you about Board directions, expectations, concerns, or any Board or District related concerns?
  • Which Board members do you meet with regularly?  Who do you talk to the most?  Are there records of these conversations?
  • There are rumors that the students who walked out of school to protest Julie Williams’ censorship proposal are being told that this will negatively impact their college applications.  A number of college and university faculty members have issued a letter for those students to use, countering the threatened negative comments.  What direction have you given to District staff, principals, guidance counselors concerning those students?  What is your view of this letter?

There are plenty more tough questions that we, the people of JeffCo, want and have a right to have answered with clear, unambiguous, and direct answers.  So go tonight, and get them!

Let’s get some real answers, JeffCo!

The American Association of University Women is over 130 years old and traditionally has “examined and taken positions on the fundamental issues of the day — educational, social, economic, and political.”



10/9 – Weekend Plans!

JeffCo Students For Change

Got plans for Saturday?  Well, change them!  Instead go to Clement Park in Littleton at 12:00 noon, there to join with JeffCo’s students at the Jeffco Students for Change Rally

This is a rally organized by the students.  If you felt proud of the way they stood up to Julie Williams, Ken Witt, John Newkirk, and Fox News, then come out and support them this Saturday with your presence!

These students, organizing and acting on their own brought attention from around the world to what is happening here in Jefferson County.  In doing so, they put a bright public spotlight on the war on JeffCo schools, students, and teachers that WNW and their backers have been waging.

On our Facebook site, links have been posted to articles from all over the country, and the world.  But that was only touching the surface of how far their actions resonated with the country and the world.  The social media blog site, socialmatt.com posted an analysis of the social media traffic involving WNW’s effort to give themselves censorship control over the curriculum in Jeffco.  This is well worth the read: Social Media And The Jefferson County School Board Protests.

Some his insights startling:

  • He confirms that the protests were student originated, pointing out that the first tweet using #JeffCoStandUp was done by an Arvada high school student at 11:10 a.m. on September 17th, the day before School Board meeting where Julie Williams now-infamous proposal was introduced.
  • As of Sunday, Oct 5th, that hash tag had been used more than 4,000 times!
  • The next site to pick up the story was ColoradoPols.com.
  • The next week, while the students are protesting, the hash tag
    #JeffCoSchoolBoardHistory, became, in Matt’s words “a meme.” with it’s satirical riff on Williams desire for a ‘positive’ spin on American History.  This becomes so popular, that Denver’s alternate newspaper, WestWord, posts the 30 funniest…and then had to publish 30 more!
  • The up-to-then local tweets went viral on Twitter between September 24th and 26th, reaching 12 times as many users as before.  A second, smaller viral stage occurred October 2nd-4th.
  • Tweets were being exchanged not only in the U.S. but in at least 12 other countries, including Iran (where they know something about religious/ideological indoctrination)!
  • Twitter traffic accounted for more than 86% of social media traffic on the censorship effort.  So if you thought your Facebook links were being overwhelmed, that was nothing (FB only 9.6%), the Twitter exchanges were about 900% greater than FB!
  • As Matt points out, no one should really be surprised by this.  After all, it was Twitter than enabled much of the “Arab Spring” and other rapidly organizing, grass-roots efforts.

Thanks to the awareness, initiative, courage, and inventiveness of Jeffco’s students, Witt, Newkirk, and Williams were badly taken by surprise.  Even their fake ‘compromise’, that they rammed through with the subtlety of a jack-hammer, has not diminished the outrage felt by the students, parents, teachers, community members, and the rest of the world.

Now it is our turn to back them up!  How can we do less than what they have already done?

Clement Park, Littleton, Saturday, October 11th, noon.  BE THERE!

And let’s show them that…

JeffCo is made up of FIGHTERS!




10/6 Monday Post – A Possible Future?


(note:  This post originally started out to be a response to a comment made by Stacey Markofranks on our Facebook link. 

In a discussion about of our 10/4 – Recall Recap post, she commented,

They (WNW – jcsbw) could ‘beat us to the punch’ by resigning & would then be able to appoint a replacement of the same ilk. .. The new member would be untouchable for a minimum of 6 months.

Below is our what started out as our ‘short’ response, but then grew into today’s post.)

True, but actually not that easy.  First, as other comments point out, can you imagine any one of the three voluntarily stepping down?  There would have to be enormous pressure.  Secondly, there is already friction between them.  Witt and Newkirk are generally very condescending to Williams.  They must also be furious with her a lot of the time, especially now.  If you noticed during the vote on McMinimee’s proposal (as modified by Newkirk and Witt), when it was time for Williams to vote, she sat silent for a long three or four seconds.  It was pretty obvious she did not want to give up on her motion.  The back-door arm twisting must have been ferocious.

Now, if WNW’s backers decided that one of them needed to resign so as to avoid a recall, who do you think Witt and Newkirk would nominate?  Themselves?  How likely would Julie be to go along?  Or would she finally stop letting them bully her and say, ‘No, one of you resign!’

Then, between Witt and Newkirk, who would sacrifice himself for the ‘good of the cause’?  Again, if enough pressure were brought, one of them might, but there would probably be one hell of pay-off later.

Finally, they can only have one resign at a time.  They then must wait 60 days before they can name a replacement.  And during that 60 day window, they cannot move their agenda through – they would not have the votes.

How could things go if a recall is launched?  Here is one possibility:

Day 1 – Groups file two Petitions To Recall with the County Clerk.  Witt and Williams are the targets.

Day 2 – In a well planned operation, signature gatherers spread through out Jeffco.  Alerted by a well-placed grass-roots network, JeffCo voters flock to sign.  High school students who have turned 18, register to vote, sign, and then fan out all over Jeffco, gathering signatures.  WNW’s backers start getting worried.

Day 10 – Spies from WNW tell them that people are still signing left and right.  The backers decided that they must follow the resignation strategy.  The fight now starts over who steps down.

Day 11 – WNW backers file to recall Dahlkemper and Fellman, hoping to divert resources, and confuse the issues.

Day 15 – Julie Williams finally yields to pressure and resigns.  Witt cannot name a replacement until Day 75.

Day 16 – Another recall petition is submitted, this one for Newkirk.  The Board, now tied 2-2, is only able to pass non-controversial items.  No repairs are made, but no new damage either.

Day 19 – A series of articles in blogs (such as JeffCo School Board Watch) and reports by local, state, national, and international media explain the two tactics the WNW backers are trying.  A well-placed and organized group of community and school volunteers quickly spread the word.  Signature gatherers are now simply announcing where they are going to be and people start going out of their way to sign Newkirk’s recall petition.

Day 21 – Petitions circulating for Dahlkemper and Fellman recall are gathering steam, but are still well behind the pace of Witt and Newkirk’s.

Day 45 – Petition organizers submit more than 20,000 names each to recall Witt and Newkirk.  Only 15,000 are required.  Neither Witt or Newkirk can resign because control of the Board would go to Dahlkemper and Fellman.

Day 50 – The County Clerk certifies the two petitions and schedules the election for 60 days later, on day 110.

Day 51 – Two moderate candidates, one Democrat, one Republican file to run for Witt and Newkirk’s seats if the recall petition suceed.  One for each seat.  WNW-backers also have two candidates file.

Day 52 – The campaign gets underway with very expensive media buys and direct mailer ads by WNW-backers.  The moderate candidates do some media and mailers, but seem intent to rely on a huge, well organized, and fiercely dedicated “GET OUT THE VOTE” campaign.  It is a classic money vs. shoe leather contest.

Day 70 – At almost the last minute, petitions to recall Dahlkemper and Fellman are submitted to the County Clerk.

Day 75 – The Dahlkemper and Fellman recall petitions are barely certified.  Because an election is already scheduled in 35 days, the county clerk schedules these votes to coincide.  All four seats now face recall on Day 110.  Witt names a replacement for Williams.

Days 76-109 – Campaigning on both sides is fierce.  Local, State, National, and International media attention monitors the progress, increasing to almost hourly updates as the election day draws near.  Mail-in ballots have been sent out to all registered voters, two weeks prior.  After an initial rush of mailed ballots, a steady stream flows in.

Day 110 – After handling a last minute flurry of hand-delivered ballots, the polls close and the County Clerk’s office begins counting.  Because of the mailed-in ballots, the process is fairly quick.

Day 111 – The clerk announces that Witt and Newkirk have been recalled.  Dahlkemper and Fellman survive recall fairly handily.  The big turn out to oust Witt and Newkirk benefited them decisively.  The moderate Democrat and Republican also win by comfortable margins.  In the spirit of compromise and cooperation pledged by the new Board, Dahlkemper nominates the moderate Republican as the new Board President.  McMinimee, seeing the writing on the wall,  pledges full cooperation with the new Board.

A fantasy?  Well, maybe a bit.  But not by much.

This is the way things could play out…if we organize, organize, organize, and fund-raise, fund-raise, fund-raise.  If we build that kind of grass-roots network.

But a well organized, dedicated network of volunteers can not only enable us to one day recall WNW, it can do even more.

It can help rebuild the bonds of trust, cooperation, and shared destiny that too many years of partisan extremism has damaged.  Just as our wonderful kids have rekindled our sense of community, building this type of grass-roots network will rebuild our connections to each other.  We will not only feel like a community, we will be a community again!

The bonds built by cooperation, collaboration, and compromise, of shared tasks and joint sacrifice are what makes a community.  And those bonds can also give us a strong immune system against this type of social infection.  As with many diseases, if we can fight it off, then we become immune to it. 

And that is one definite thing about JeffCo…


So get busy.  Here is a list of organizations.  Contact.  Volunteer.  Donate.

  • Support Jeffco Kids.  “SJK” is a 501(c)4 organization, and so can accept donations and engage in political activities.  It has worked hard at organizing opposition to WNW policies in the community, and they seem to be one of the key groups.  You can join their mailing list here, and donate here.
  • JeffcoExodus.  This is a new group.  They are looking for volunteers whose role it will be to participate in two-way communication with their network and the volunteer’s local community.  At times these volunteers will need to quickly disseminate factual information to their own school and networks. Volunteers will also gather factual information and personal stories about staff turnover, families choosing to leave Jeffco, and other significant effects the actions of this Board Majority are having on school communities. You can contact them at this email:  JeffcoExodus@gmail.com.
  • Your local PTA.  Even if you do not have a child in school, your local PTA can use your help and input. Michelle Patterson, the President of JeffCo PTA, gave a blistering speech to WNW at the meeting.  What ever happens, the JeffCo PTA will be in the thick of things.  Either contact your local school or the County PTA here: JeffCo PTA Volunteers.
  • JeffCo School Board Watch  There are many things we have wanted to do that we just do not have the time for.  We are looking for people who are willing to do research, keep various pages up to date, read everything and let us know what is happening where, or even writing articles for us (we will work with you on topic and editing practices).  You can email us at Jeffcowatch+help@gmail.com.
  • Student Organizations.  Our kids need no help from us on organizing or planning.  But they probably could use help on logistics (driving, deliveries, and so on), as well as explanations of resources and practices they have not run across yet.  Offer to help, but don’t try and run it for them.  After all, it they who have showed us they way!
  • Students Organizers:  We can help other students get in touch you.  We have already received emails from other students out of the JeffCo area wanting to help.  We need to know where to send them (that is one of our roles – information clearing house).  Please contact us at JeffcoWatch+Tip@gmail.com

Let’s be about it, people!