Saturday Post: Class Size Matters

Class Size Matters

Ninety-two percent (92%) of the over 13,000 Jeffco stakeholders who participated in the budget survey stated that Jeffco should reduce class size in primary grades – 92%!! The question is – does class size affect achievement levels of students? If you’ve ever had the opportunity to work or volunteer in a classroom, you know that smaller classes result in a more manageable classroom; enable teachers to better manage behavioral issues, and for that matter, result in less behavioral issues altogether; allow students to feel more comfortable participating in group activities; are more comfortable for everyone because they have the space to move around; enable teachers and paraprofessionals to provide individual and specialized attention for all students…the positives truly are endless.

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4/12 Saturday Post: What Can I Do?

A commentary from Jeffco Guardian:

“What can I do?”

This is the number one question heard these days when the topic of the ongoing and controversial Jeffco board majority actions comes up.  It comes from everyone:  parents, teachers, grandparents, coworkers and neighbours.  People are feeling helpless and, unfortunately, somewhat hopeless.  They see a the Board majority of WNW pushing forward their own agenda regardless of what anyone says about it.  They do this under the pretense that they were elected to do just that.

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April 3rd Meeting Review – Yet another view:

Study Session

1.02 Superintendent Search Update: Bill Newman of Ray & Associates – the firm heading up the district’s superintendent search – presented on the themes from the stakeholder forums that were held last month. You can see their report at here. Page 4 is interesting in that you can see what the different groups’ priorities are, including the BOE.

Mr. Newman pointed out 2 discrepancies where BOE priority gave priority to something other stakeholders did not:

Quality/characteristic #16: “Non-traditional or “hybrid” with background in military, business and/or education” – was ranked as a #3 priority for the BOE (with 3 votes) vs a ranking of 33 for teachers, 32 for administrators, 32 for support staff, 30 for parents, 30 for students, 32 for non-parent community member and 32 for other.  That’s out of a possibility of 33.  Wow.  That’s a pretty clear message! Continue reading