4/12 Saturday Post: What Can I Do?

A commentary from Jeffco Guardian:

“What can I do?”

This is the number one question heard these days when the topic of the ongoing and controversial Jeffco board majority actions comes up.  It comes from everyone:  parents, teachers, grandparents, coworkers and neighbours.  People are feeling helpless and, unfortunately, somewhat hopeless.  They see a the Board majority of WNW pushing forward their own agenda regardless of what anyone says about it.  They do this under the pretense that they were elected to do just that.

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April 3rd Meeting Review – Yet another view:

Study Session

1.02 Superintendent Search Update: Bill Newman of Ray & Associates – the firm heading up the district’s superintendent search – presented on the themes from the stakeholder forums that were held last month. You can see their report at here. Page 4 is interesting in that you can see what the different groups’ priorities are, including the BOE.

Mr. Newman pointed out 2 discrepancies where BOE priority gave priority to something other stakeholders did not:

Quality/characteristic #16: “Non-traditional or “hybrid” with background in military, business and/or education” – was ranked as a #3 priority for the BOE (with 3 votes) vs a ranking of 33 for teachers, 32 for administrators, 32 for support staff, 30 for parents, 30 for students, 32 for non-parent community member and 32 for other.  That’s out of a possibility of 33.  Wow.  That’s a pretty clear message! Continue reading

Thursday BOE Meeting – Getting Sneaky?

Martin Justice on our Facebook link noted this (Hat Tip to Martin!) just a little bit ago.

The Board has added another agenda item to the Special Meeting at 5:15 p.m. on Thursday at the Heritage Grill, 10555 Westmoor Dr., in Westminster with the Mayor and City Council of Westminster.  Below is straight from the BoardDocs site:

2.01 2090 Wright Street Property (EL-7) – to direct the chief operating officer regarding the appellate process.


  1. The School District initiated a quiet title action for property on which a facility for the Rocky Mountain Deaf School could be located.  The School District named the City of Lakewood as a defendant who might claim an ownership interest in the property.  The City disclaimed any interest in the property.  Adjacent landowners and others sought leave to intervene, asserting that the City did own the property and that the property could only be used for parks and open space. 
  2. The case proceeded to a trial to the court.  The City and School District agreed that the School District owned the property.  The Intervenors argued that the City owned the property.  The court ruled that while the School District held the record deed for the property, the City owned the property by virtue of a planning document that had been submitted as part of a rezoning request, and that the City could only use the property for parks and open space.  The court’s ruling has implications for other district properties. 
  3. The School District filed a notice of appeal to preserve the School District’s ability to seek appellate review of the court’s decision.
  4. On March 13, the Board of Education held an executive session on legal advice related to 2090 Wright Street.

We were going to be doing a post tonight on this meeting anyway, but this just added a lot more fat to the fire.

What we were going to post about was the curious thing one of our readers was told when she called up the Heritage Grill to see about public access to this meeting.  After all, it is a normal Special Meeting, and not an Executive Session.

Heritage Grill told her they knew nothing about any public attendance and referred her to the Westminster Mayors’ office.  When she called the Mayors’ office, a Melissa Diaz from the mayor’s office stated that the meeting was not open to the public and that there was really no agenda for the meeting, other than a meet and greet type of opportunity for those involved.

Ms. Diaz then called back about 20 minuets later and amended her statement to say there would be a short 15 minute meeting prior to actual dinner (which apparently includes the Boards of the Adams 12 and Adams 50 School Districts).  But she gave no guidance as to how the public can attend.

Now we learn that this little innocuous ‘meet and greet’ social event will also include discussion on the Districts’ appeal of a long-running lawsuit involving 2090 South Wright Street in Lakewood.  And the public meeting in which the discussion will take place in happens to be 15 miles, 30 minutes north, and two cities north of Lakewood and the people of the very active 2090 Coalition, whom the Board refused to talk to at last week’s Board meeting.

It could be simply poor timing and coincidence, but shouldn’t WNW have a little more public relations sense than that?

We hope that some of our readers will be able to get there and attend this “Public Meeting”.  If you do, please let us know what went on.  Email us at jeffcowatch@gmail.com.

Superintendent Search – Online Survey!

We almost missed this part in the Key Communiqué.

The District also has an online survey, soliciting feedback from you on what qualities you think are the most important in the next Superintendent.

Go to the survey site here and make your selections.  It does not take long (about 3-5 minutes).  The survey will be up until 8:00 a.m., Friday, March 28th.

Make sure your voice is heard, JeffCo!

Special Board Meeting: City of Westminster

This Thursday, March 20th, at 5:30 p.m. the Board will hold a Special Meeting at the Heritage Grill, 10555 Westmoor Dr., in Westminster with the Mayor and City Council of Westminster.

According to the sole agenda item, the Board of Education and the Mayor and City Council members are to discuss items of mutual interest.  The Mayor of Westminster apparently wants to meet with the Boards of the three School Districts that cover Westminster.

We currently have no information on how public attendance will be accommodated.  If such information becomes available, we issue an update.