BOE 3/13 Summary – The Expected & Unexpected

As recent JeffCo Board meetings go, this one was relatively quiet.  Mr. Witt and Ms. Dahlkemper did have a couple of small clashes, but things went pretty predictably with one exception, the issue of the court case on the 2090 Wright Street land dispute.  Attendance was light compared to recent Board meetings, probably close to 50 people at it’s peak. Continue reading

WNW Supporters Getting Desperate…Show up at the BOE tonight!

Congratulations!  WNW and their supporters must be getting very worried about us!

They already have set up a misleading Facebook page with a name very similar to ours, and now they are now spreading a rumor via email that “JeffCo School Board Watch” intends to disrupt the meeting tonight.

What they are doing, of course, is twisting what we said in our post from yesterday, “Show up at the Budget Meeting!“.

What we said was:  “So how can we make our feelings known without giving Witt an excuse to ‘deal’ with us?…How about signs?…we can hold the signs up quietly.” (italics and bolding added)

Wow.  Sounds like a real disturbance, doesn’t it?

This is typical of the extreme supporters of WNW.  When they can’t win on actual facts, figures, logic and reason, they resort to rumor, innuendo, exaggeration, and manipulation.

Do not let them get away with it!  If you get the email, reply back with a copy of this post and maybe the original post.  Truth is the best answer to rumor and falsehood.

And show up tonight!  6:30 p.m. in the Board Room on the 5th floor of the Education Center.

Show up at the Budget Meeting!

As noted in the previous post, in this next meeting the Board will give formal direction to the staff on where they want the 2014-15 money to go.  This is when the promise made for 3A/3B can be broken.  We need everyone to be there!

Because this is a “Study Session” there is no public comment portion.  Mr. Witt has promised that anyone who disturbs the meeting will be dealt with (remember his “I am being stern” look at the Feb 18th meeting?).

So how can we make our feelings known without giving Witt an excuse to ‘deal’ with us?

How about signs?

We have added a new sign to our collection:  3A-3B Remember the Promise.

We suggest downloading this sign, plus one other sign (click here for the signs) that matches your relationship to the District.  Print one sign on each side of a single sheet of paper.  Then when the budget discussion is going on, we can hold the signs up quietly.  Print out some extras to give to the people next to you, in case they did not bring one.

If we can have the Board room filled with people showing these signs, maybe they will get the message.

The meeting is tomorrow (Thursday) at 6:30 p.m. in the 5th Floor Board Room at the Education Center.