Why We Oppose WNW+Miller

Recently there have been a number of comments from readers who are upset at the intensity of this political fight.  We have been taken to task, sometimes appropriately, for falling into an ‘us versus them’ mentality.  The wish most commonly expressed in those comments is that we remember that we are all human beings and that reasonable people can reach reasonable compromises. Continue reading

Feb 18th Meeting – Fast Summary

(Note:  This post was edited for both style and content this morning, Feb 19th.  Stylistic changes (spelling and grammatical corrections, refining of sentence structure, etc.,) is done transparently.  Content changes are done by striking through the original content and having the replacement content, if any, appear in red.)

BoE Meeting 14-02-18
Going from badly scribbled notes and mind-numb from two power point presentations: Continue reading

Two Things To Do This Week

You can make an impact two different ways this week.

The first way is by attending tomorrow’s Board Meeting.  It will be in the main Board room on the 5th floor of the Education Center. The starting time is 5:30 p.m., but you will want to get there as early as you can.  There is a rumor that Julie Williams has sent out an email to her Tea Party buddies and they are going to try to fill up the room so our voices will not be heard.  They will be wearing ‘red & white’ to show their pseudo-patriotism.  We will want everyone to wear as many different colors as possible, to symbolize that we are a group of diverse people, united by our concerns about the direction WNW+Miller are taking our school district. Continue reading