New Survey on Budget Priorities – Respond now!

Good morning everyone.  We just discovered that there is another survey site posted on the JeffCo web page.  This one is called “Engage JeffCo Schools“.  It is an electronic townhall that has the community and students interacting with the District.  The current question for adults involves selecting the top three priorities for funding (see below for the question and options).  There is only ONE DAY left on this site, so please register and make your voice heard today!  For students, there is a second, more open ended question asking them to tell the District what helps them learn.  This question includes a discussion section where students can rate other students ideas. Continue reading

Steps to be taken

First, thanks to everyone who has completed the Jeffco Schools Budget Survey.  As of 7:30 p.m. Sunday night, over 400 of you have clicked on the Survey through our site.  Hopefully even more have clicked on through a number of the re-posts that have been done, or simply found it by going to the JeffCo Schools home page.  If you have not done the survey…stop now and please click on the link above and do it!  It’s only a few minutes.  Continue reading

Something you can do right now!

We are all madder than h*ll right now.  Today saw our Superintendent resign because of a deliberately hostile and abusive  work environment.  Over 260 people witnessed it happening.  Since then, over 1,200 of you have visited this site.  Probably even more of you visited the Facebook page of Transparency Jeffco (you need to have logged into Facebook).  Almost all us of furious.  Whether or not you liked everything Dr. Stevenson did, you DO NOT drive away a superintendent of her caliber. Continue reading