Stevenson forced out – Resigns early – Meeting adjourned early – 260+ protest

Cindy Stevenson is out.  The Facebook site Transparency JeffCo (link fixed – you must have a Facebook account or you can click here) has a link to a YouTube video of the meeting.  Additionally, Channel 9 news was there with a camera crew.  It is possible other stations were as well.  There were a LOT of video cameras going. Continue reading

Board Meeting 2/5/14 – Summary

The meeting was a relatively quiet and quick affair.

2.01 – Superintendent Succession Plan

The succession plan requires that there be at least two people who could keep the District running if Cindy Stevenson were suddenly unavailable.  She confirmed that there were four people who could do so.

2.02 – Evaluation of Superintendent Search Firm Proposals

Four companies responded to the RFP for a search firm.  One of the fours submission was non-responsive by the staff and was eliminated.  The other three firms are: Continue reading