Cornerstone Charter is Back!

The latest JeffCo Key Communiqué just came out (JeffCo Key Communiqué 2014-01-24).  At the very end, it mentions that at the Thursday, Jan 30th board meeting (Board Room, 5th Floor, Education Center – click here for a map) of the Board will reconsider the Cornerstone charter application.

This is VERY worrisome!  The Board turned down this application at the November 7, 2013 meeting (minutes here).  They gave the following reasons (see Attachments A, B – November 7, 2013 on the Board minutes page): Continue reading

The Denver Post on the Jan 16th Board meeting

It took a bit, but the Denver Post finally reported on the Jan 16th School Board meeting (here).  It’s a nice, neutral report, mentioning only on the Deer Creek 6th Grade STEM expansion, and the Collegiate Academy loan.  While those two items were very important, the article completely ignores the fierce debates that Continue reading