Saturday Post – Jan 18th

Good morning!

We will being using these Saturday Posts to notify people of changes to the blog, plus any small items that may be of interest, but are not really critical.

First, some changes were made to the blog’s pages last night.  The Video Links and Board Timeline pages were reworked.  Hopefully they are more understandable and readable now.  Also, the titles of a number pages now include the date of the last update.  This way when you first arrive on the main screen, you will be able to tell at a glance if a page has been updated since your last visit.  There has also been some editing on the name of the pages, to try and make them shorter (hard!) and more clearly indicate what they contain.

We have also added two new pages:  “The Superintendent Search” and “JeffCo Schools Links”.  The first will be a chronological record of what we learn about the process of finding Cindy Stevenson’s replacement.  There is already one entry.  The “JeffCo Schools Links” page will contain links that you, the reader, may want or need as you follow along with us shining light onto the Board’s activities.  These include links to the Board’s agenda, how to sign up for public comment, and so on.

Future plans include creating a page to look at the backgrounds of the Board members, an Acronym Glossary, a break down of JeffCo’s organizational structure and how everything fits (or doesn’t fit) together.

We are also very open to ideas from you on other things you would like to see here.  Likewise, we really want you to contribute content to this site!  It can be as a blog entry, or simply letting us know of a link we should post.

Send us your thoughts, comments, and ideas!  You can use the comment field below, or email us at

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