The Denver Post on the Jan 16th Board meeting

It took a bit, but the Denver Post finally reported on the Jan 16th School Board meeting (here).  It’s a nice, neutral report, mentioning only on the Deer Creek 6th Grade STEM expansion, and the Collegiate Academy loan.  While those two items were very important, the article completely ignores the fierce debates that went on over the NOT hiring a replacement for Allen Taggert (the District’s retired attorney and the director of Employee Relations), the attempt to redirect $7 million away from the depleted Reserve fund, and the refusal of WNW (“Witt, Newkirk, and Williams”) to schedule a discussion of Brad Miller’s contract.

A lot is happening in Jefferson County Schools.  The light of public scrutiny so essential to a functioning democracy is in large part reliant on an active, inquisitive, and thorough press.  We hope the local press will pay closer attention.

One thought on “The Denver Post on the Jan 16th Board meeting

  1. Hi I need to be more involved, I have been attending the board meetings and what I’ve witnessed is horrible. We have a benchmark of 89% graduation rate and this new board will destroy it. How can I help get the word out and are there any parent groups doing anything to educate the parents. The Movie “The Reformers” is showing this weekend Feb.1, 7PM at the United Center in Idaho Springs 1441 Colorado Blvd.

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