8/16 Saturday Post: “All children deserve a great school in their neighborhood”

This is a quote posted on the main webpage of the Cherry Creek School District.  It is from their Superintendent:

“All children deserve a great school in their neighborhood, one they can walk or ride the bus to with their friends. These friendships between children and their families unite communities and make them stronger.”

Dr. Harry Bull, Superintendent
Cherry Creek School District

In contrast, what does the WNW-dominated JeffCo Board and contraversial new superintendent want for Jefferson County?  From their current actions and statements, they seem to be wanting parents to drive all over our gigantic school district in search of the greatest school for each of their children as they expand the CHOICE mantra in our county.  Does this seem practical, fair, reasonable, an efficient and equitable way to allocate taxpayer dollars across the district, or a guarantee for success?  Does it encourage community engagement in all schools for a stronger Jefferson County, or are they trying to divide us by creating different and random outcomes all over the place?

Once again, Jeannie Kaplan of Denver tells it like it is in the Denver public schools. Her August 14, 2014 blog titled “STOP,” gives us a great analysis of how reform is going in Denver.  It is not going well at all.  They keep expanding all of the failing charter school models.  The reformers seem to be completely ignoring the results.  It is like they are on a treadmill-to-no-where.  She is advocating that we stop the reform process, because it does not seem to be working.   Is this what we want in Jeffco???  Have a look at what she has to say about the STRIVE schools in particular.

Note, also the recently added comment on Jeannie’s website from Valentina Flores (8/15/14), the newly elected Board Member to the Denver Public Schools.

“At Thursday’s , August 14, 2014, Colorado State Board of Education meeting, many State Board Members called the Reform Movement a failed movement due to the negative and dismal results of a 2010 – 2014 Longitudinal Study that CDE conducted and presented to the Board on student academic growth during these five years that reform has been in progress. The charts showed a downward trajectory in almost all subject matter for most of our Colorado children.”

We have all heard about the failures of the DougCo model.  Now we have examples from Denver as well.   Denver’s Reform Movement has been declared an official failure by many, and it is quite obvious that WNW wants to treat JeffCo to a similar reform failure rollout that could prove costly to us as taxpayers.

Next Saturday, August 23rd at 9:00 a.m. in the Board Room at the Education Center, is the first Board meeting of the new school year and the first with McMinimee officially as the new superintendent.  Among other issues they plan on reviewing is GP-17 Community Engagement.  So far, every change WNW has made to the District’s ‘engagement’ with the community has been to reduce it as much as possible.

Let’s all show up and demonstrate by our presence to WNW and everyone else that engagement is a two-way street, and they cannot turn it into a one-way dead-end.