Next Board Meeting Agenda

Going forward we will try to give you a summary of what the agenda is for each Board meeting, plus our view/concerns/expectations on those items.

This Thursday the Board meets in the Board Room at the Educational Center in special session to be updated on a range of topics:.  The public part of the meeting begins at 6:30 p.m.  Please attend!  We want as many eyes and ears on the Board as possible!

2.01:  In Executive Session (not open to the public) a review of the negotiations with the district employee associations.

3.02: Legislative update and guidance for the District’s lobbyist (V1_2014 Jeffco BOE Leg Priorities & via em Legislative Report 1.24.14).  This is where the Board will instruct the District’s lobbyist of what to push for and what to push against.  There are several legislative goals in this draft that Charter school advocates often do not like:  1) Hold all schools that get public money to the same standards.  2) State funding should go to the district where charter schools students live.  3) Since school districts are responsible for the education of the kids in a charter school, the Boards of the Districts should be the chartering authority.  Likewise, there are pending bills in the Colorado House and Senate that directly impact Charter schools building funds, GT programs, how daily attendance is measured (goes directly to state funding of a district), and English proficiency programs.

What the Board does to these directions will tell us a lot about their agenda.

3.03 Cornerstone Academy Charter App re-visit (Key documents here: Cornerstone Academy Background Information CORNERSTONE 125 WU BOE Information Requests 112113).

Summary of situation:  Cornerstone’s application was denied on Nov 7th by the previous Board (see post here).  They had thirty days to appeal or ask for “facilitation” of the application.   On Nov 21st the new Board asked for info on the Appeal process for charter school apps that are denied.  That was provided on Dec 5th.   Cornerstone did not appeal.  On Jan 9th, the Board asked for costs involved in an appeal ($6,820) and in a facilitation (no estimate provided).  That is what is being provided now.  At some point, apparently in mid January, Cornerstone requested facilitation of their application.  Technically the District could have denied it which would force Cornerstone to do a complete new application.  The District, however, accepted the request (the first meeting is scheduled for Feb 3rd).  This is the first time in Colorado that the facilitation route will be followed.

Here is where it gets interesting…

According to the charter school law, now that facilitation has been requested, if either party decides the facilitation is going no where, then the Board must reconsider it’s original denial and take a new vote.

One Possible Scenario:  After the first meeting, either the JeffCo Board or Cornerstone declares that the facilitation is not working.  The issue then comes back to the JeffCo Board, which votes in favor of the application 3-2 led by Witt, Newkirk, and Williams.

3.04 Data Management Advisory Council – ( PRESENTATION Data GovernanceTechnologyAndDataPrivacyCommittee ).  Expect Newkirk and Witt, self-proclaimed “techies” to focus on this strongly.  Will they push for outside contractors or some other form of outsourcing?

3.05 Board Direction: Audit Committee and Financial Oversight Committee – (GP-13 Committee Structure) The Board requested time to review and provide the committee with it’s focus for the near future.

What are they going to emphasize?  If WNW do have an agenda, directing the Audit committee down certain paths could indicate that they are looking for justifications for what they want to do.  Will sound boring, but could be very important.

3.06 Policy Review: GP-6, EL-11 – (GP-06 Annual Work Plan, EL-11 Executive Limitations) This is part of regular review of standing policies.  The Board has agreed to look at two such policies every month.  GP-06 is primarily concerned with what general work the Board do during the year, listening to outside groups, and the ability of a Member to move an item off of the consent agenda, plus the setting up of two public comment sections during regular Board meetings.  EL-11 is very short and mainly concerned with the obligations the Superintendent has to the Board.

This could provide an opportunity for some fireworks between Dr. Stevenson and WNW, if someone chooses to take a shot at her.

3.07 Board Representation at Committees, Events – Covers how Board members will attend events, committee meetings, etc., this was apparently not covered in a December special meeting.

3.08 Budget Survey – The Board is to review the 2014-15 budget survey.  A copy of it was not on at the time of this posting.

3.09 2013-14 Budget Supplemental – “…Ken Witt requested time for the Board to receive information.”

Not sure if this means he wants to alter the budget, or just have time to know what is in it.  It could be an opportunity to re-allocate funding towards some pet project.  Worth staying and watching.

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