9/28 Sunday Post Addendum – JeffCo Kids Speak For Themselves

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Melissa Harris-Perry of MSNBC just came out with an interview with two of JeffCo’s finest:  Ashlyn Maher of Chatfield High School and Kyle Ferris of Columbine High School, two of the student organizers of the protests.

This interview comes after Melissa Harris-Perry (“MHP”) already sent an open letter to Julie Williams on the Curriculum Review Committee the day before.

These two are so compelling, we decided to do a special addendum linking you to the two segments.

In her first segment, it looks for a bit as if she is not talking about JeffCo, but if you are patient she pulls it in to devastating effect…

Then this came out today:

Kids like this, deserve our best!  So let’s go out there and…

Keep Fighting, JeffCo!



One thought on “9/28 Sunday Post Addendum – JeffCo Kids Speak For Themselves

  1. Ashlyn Maher:
    I am so glad to hear of your interest in American History. I invite you to read and/ print the Wikipedia entries relative to American presidencies all 43 of them. you learn a great deal about America and our presidents have been on the forefront of that history. the major point has to do with our constitution. it embedded slavery and it had a provision that effectively turned the government over to southern slavers. the founders were primarily slavers. you not read that George Washington confused that he could not lie about chopping down a tree, but you will that when he died in December 1799 there 317 slaves on his Mount Vernon plantation. George Washington was no paragon of virtue, nor were twelve more who followed him to the presidency. you will learn that 13 of the first 16 were all slavers, the three exceptions were John Adams, John Quincy Adams and Abraham Lincoln. you will learn that Abraham Lincoln came to conclusion that having led the struggle to preserve the union he had to make the decision to emancipate slaves. that was not his goal however. he was ambivalent. why, perhaps because Mary Todd Lincoln came from a family of slavers who not owned slaves but traded in the transfer of human bondage as well. you will learn that the south was not rehabilitated, not repentant, not remorseful. for hundred years southern white trash had Jim Crow laws on the books to make certain blacks remained in bondage.
    you will learn that the presidents who followed Lincoln did not have the backbone for civil rights legislation until LBJ became
    president. not only did LBJ get civil rights through the congress he also got voting rights legislation passed. you will learn that the southern white that embraced the democratic party for 100 years after our civil war suddenly embraced the republican party. as a Democrat I can say good riddance. the Republican party seems happy to be in the embrace of southern white trash. you will learn that you can create a spreadsheet and identify how littile most of our president dealt with during their terms in office. for the most part they did little and accomplished even less. to be sure a few are worthy of our esteem. they are, however, the exception. you will learn that you can download the legislation that they did sign off on. some was significant. you will learn that they regularly had to deal will economic distress, panic, depressions, and recessions. they generally did not have the tools they needed to address these issues and thus the events generally ran their courses. leaving hardship for many in their wake. you gain more insight into the world you actually live in. it is hard to believe, but this is our history that conservatives prefer you be aware of. you will also become aware of this additional reality. there are millions of public employees in America and every one of them is ward of the state. their jobs and livelihoods based on the power of federal, state, and local governments to tax you for the purpose of providing for public employees. you will learn all of this and much, much more with a click of a mouse at websites like Wikipedia. and your school board cannot stop you from becoming an educated and informed individual. you can find and discuss, with others, so much that a few years ago required much more effort to learn about. good luck with your quest.
    hugh jameson, el paso texas.

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