9/29 Important Update! Curriculum Review Committee Now On Agenda!

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The Curriculum Review Committee proposal is now on the agenda! Item 6.01.  Below is the actual Agenda Item Detail:

Agenda Item 6.01 Curriculum Review Committee
Type: Action
Recommended Action: to consider the draft proposal for a board curriculum review committee.
estimated time:  (estimated duration: 30 minutes)


  1. On September 4, Board member Julie Williams proposed creation of a Board curriculum review committee.
  2. On September 18, Ms. Williams and Board member John Newkirk offered proposals for creation of a curriculum review committee, to focus on the Advanced Placement U.S. History course.  The Board agreed to discuss the matter at a future Board meeting.
  3. The Board agreed to schedule a discussion of the draft proposal for the October 2 regular business meeting following student protests of the proposed Board curriculum review committee.

Please open this link for a list of pertinent district policies and the attachment below to review additional background material.

DRAFT PROPOSAL JJN-Rev2b-Markup-JW PROPOSAL Board Committee for Curriculym Review.pdf.pdf (76 KB)

It is now ESSENTIAL that everyone plan on showing up at the meeting!  Plan on getting there very early.  Most likely they will have the doors closed until 5:00 p.m., so be prepared to wait.  We expect heavy media coverage.  We also expect a LOT of students to show up.

The Comment sign-up goes active at 10:00 a.m. this morning.  Sign up to speak on this subject here: BOE Comment.

Witt will not allow signs, but we can WEAR buttons, T-Shirts, hats, and so on.

So come on out Thursday, and come prepared to


Keep Fighting, JeffCo!


7 thoughts on “9/29 Important Update! Curriculum Review Committee Now On Agenda!

  1. Need to have it moved to Pepsi Center, I hope that all who have kids or teachers in Jeffco show up !

  2. To the Board of Education – Jefferson County:

    If people of all colors had taken a passive attitude toward injustice and prejudice in the US, (the Jim Crow laws for example) African Americans would be forced to use separate bathrooms and drinking fountains, and many establishments and businesses would deny service to them.

    I am a writer and historian. I have loved the subject since childhood.

    I ask the Jeffco School Board “How can you know where you are going if you don’t know where you’ve been?” If you present a positive slant, (and leave out the truth of our past) you surely will be lost.

    One more thing; if this is what the Jeffco BOE is planning, repression and censorship, how far will you take this? Will they raid the curricula of the hard sciences and mathematics, too? Scary.


  3. As a former student, I find this to be terrible, don’t change what has been working for so long. also what’s next are you going to do the same for sciences, English literature. This is almost frightening to me

  4. As a parent of two children in Jeffco Schools as will as a graduate this is very frightening to me. How can we rely on a board to make changes to what they believe is right for our children to learn and what is not right. Parents should have a say in what our children learn not three board members who want to make a name for themselves and play themselves as the victim. Our children are the victim. The students were not forced to walkout. The wonderful students of Jefferson County Public Schools are fighting for their education. I would sign a petition in a heartbeat to recall these board members!

  5. They have two ways to go: drop the idea all together or push it through despite the uproar. My bet is the latter.

  6. At this evening’s school board meeting, I wish that the teachers who attend would choose to present as professionals, and dress accordingly as professionals.
    I was horrified to see t shirts, posters and a teacher being evicted, and she was laughing as she was being led out. This is not a professional response.
    Also I believe it plays into the Jeffco School Board plan that enjoys the contrasting images between themselves and the teachers.

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