9/30 Post – “What’s Wrong With These Punks?”


That is what Gretchen Carlson called our kids on FOX’s national news last Friday.

Ken Witt described them as “political pawns.” In his disinformation editorial in the Denver Post, John Newkirk called them ‘misinformed’.

We won’t even go into the hateful and derogatory things being said online about our students, you can see that for yourself.

Where we looked on with awe and pride as our young men and women, exercised critical thinking, came to a conclusion, and then took action, others see only ungrateful brats mesmerized by their evil teachers, rebelling against authority.  We see everything that made America a country to be the envy of the world.  They see ‘punks’ who threaten their peculiarly narrow and distorted vision of our country.

And they are planning on shouting down us and our kids at the Board meeting this Thursday.

Some places in the world, the side with the most might is right…and wins.  In the world of WNW supporters, the one who shouts the loudest is the most right…and wins. Reasoned debate and respectful disagreement are anathemas to them.  If there is more than one legitimate view, then theirs might be ‘wrong’.  A rational debate means that they might be shown that their view is incorrect.  That they might be ‘wrong’.  And they cannot tolerate that.

If you cruise their websites (Breibart, Julie Williams Facebook, Peak Politics, etc., ) you will find this kind of intolerant, self-righteous anger and hatred spewing out.  If you look closely, you will also see them calling out to fellow believers to swamp the Board meeting and its comment periods this Thursday night.  If they succeed in shouting us down, they will crow how ‘the public’ is on their side.  They will re-write what has happened these last two weeks to “present positive aspects of the” protests.  Based on what they have been calling our kids, we leave it to you decide how they might ‘present’ their protests.  It will probably range from “pawns” to “punks”.

Do not let them do this!

Not to us.  Not to JeffCo.  And most certainly not to our kids!

If you took pride in how our kids stood up and made the nation pay attention to what is happening here, sign up to speak at the meeting (click here to fill out the form.  Under Agenda Topic, type in  “6.01” and “In support of the Students protesting the Curriculum Review Committee” or something similar.  Click here to speak to the Board over things not on the agenda – such as not funding the desperately needed expansion of free, full-day kindergarten, or the money wasted on Brad Miller ($70k and counting!), maybe the complete ignoring of public comment, the slowness in responding to emails, and so on.

Then show up at the Board Meeting this Thursday at the Education Center (1829 Denver West Drive, Bldg. 27, Golden).  The meeting starts at 5:30, but be there early as there is sure to be a LONG line.  Go up to the front door and check in with the District person with the speakers list.

If the only people there who support our kids are their teachers, then WNW will use that to push the ‘uniformed pawn’ label on our kids.

They do not deserve that!

Our kids have come so far, grown up so much, and energized our efforts so greatly.  Now it is our turn to take the battle to take this battle to the Board.  We need to stop this unAmerican whitewashing of history…and to defend our kids against those who see them only as ungrateful “punks”.

We have always been fighting for our kids’ education.  Now we are fighting for their reputation as well.

Let’s Get Fighting, JeffCo!



8 thoughts on “9/30 Post – “What’s Wrong With These Punks?”

  1. Why is there no official move yet to recall WNW?

    • There is no official effort…yet. That requires a filing with the County Clerk’s office. Having a chance of winning means you need to have organization and money already at hand. If you want to know more about the ins and outs of recalls, check out our “What is involved in a Recall” page here: http://jeffcoschoolboardwatch.org/?page_id=2144

      What we do know is that there are a LOT of discussions and organizing going on. Right now, our recommendation is to go to SupportJeffcoKids.org, and sign up for their newsletter. You also should seriously think about donating to them. They are working hard on getting signs, posters, flyers, etc., for the public to see and use.

      We will keep you apprised as the efforts continue.

  2. Do not let them silence you. Your students are courageous and as parents, you must defend your children. They are not misinformed or punks. These are the types of things DougCo has done for years to students, parents, principals, teachers, administrators and other staff. They create a hostile environment and then pretend there is nothing to look at. They use taxpayer dollars to misinform the community and then claim no one understands. Oh, we understand. They just don’t want us to uncover their motives and all of the dark connections. Do not let them silence you or your students. Your voice is louder than their sold out voices now, and they are not happy. Keep advocating for what is best for students! Students keep standing up for the education you deserve!

  3. I saw Ms. Carlson’s piece the other day, went on her Facebook page, found it and posted the following.

    Dear Ms. Carlson, I currently live in Jefferson County and have been a resident of Colorado for the better part of my life. First, in my 51 years, I have yet to see where negative name calling is productive in any situation. Beyond that, after reading about and then viewing your ‘My Take’ piece on the protests going on in our little corner of the world, I’m left wondering if you did due diligence on this story prior to air time and also question your overall knowledge of U.S. history. From my understanding, these protests are not against teaching patriotism, they are, in fact, demonstrations against censorship. Teachers, parents, and students have followed the typical process of making phone calls, sending letters, and setting up public meetings with the school district’s superintendent. Left with what they believed were vague or patronizing answers they turned to an old, although effective, American past time, the protest. As a naturalized U.S. citizen, I was required to perform my knowledge of this country’s history in more than just my elementary, middle school, and high school classrooms. I was able to do it for the United States Department of Immigration at a tender age. I can’t say that I’m an expert on the topic, but I do have a personal passion for history and as a librarian, do my best to research before I open my mouth (I must confess, the aforementioned doesn’t always happen in that specific order). As far as I remember, the birth of this country began in a similar fashion. Our forefathers started by raising their concerns with local representatives and continued to follow the process until it finally led to the protest known as the Boston Tea Party. I understand you are a celebrity and have sponsors to answer to. I’m just asking if you would be willing to look into this story a little closer, even go so far as getting multiple sides of the story before the sign says “ON THE AIR.”

  4. Remember that if you sign up for public comment, you will likely only have 1 minute to speak. I’m guessing more than 30 people will sign up and that will drop the limit from 3 minutes to 1.

    It’s going to be a challenge to keep it short, but we’re up to that challenge!

  5. Excellent commentary by Michelle Brandstetter. She would be a better candidate for Gretchen’s job than Gretchen. She is a pawn of the Fox news channel. Anything to support the Tea Party people. She and her cohorts will stop at nothing. Jeffco students are not “punks”, they are well educated, well informed, articulate young people trying their best to get a good education. Shut up!!!! Ms. Carlson.

  6. Have they not blatantly violated Colorado’s sunshine laws at this point with how they went about hiring Miller? Is there not some other legal avenue that can be pursued in regard to this?

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