10/2 – Why Being At The Meeting Tomorrow Is Vital

The World Is Run By Those Who Show Up

Eighty percent of success is showing up.
— Woody Allen

A LOT has happened since the last Board meeting.  What was simply a local school board dispute has caught the attention of the whole country, and parts of the world.


Because the battle we fight here is the same battle people are fighting everywhere.  On the one side are those who feel that their vision and only their vision of reality should exist.  They feel this way because they ‘know‘ what they believe is the ‘Truth‘ with a capital “T”. On the other side are those of us who feel that not only are there many visions, but that the world is a better place when people are able to learn about other visions and choose which one or combination of visions will be their guide.

Limited knowledge & limited choice versus a lot of knowledge & a lot of choice.  That is what the Board meeting tomorrow comes down to.

In a perfectly fair world, the winning side would be the one whose view of the world works best.  But as I have told my son, “Life is not inherently fair.  It is people who make it fair.

Are you ready to make the lives of our children, students, and next leaders at least a bit more fair? With choices available to them and the knowledge they will need to make good ones?

Or will you standby and allow those who cannot tolerate diversity in any form force those same students into narrowly-cast forms, warping and distorting reality to fit a bizarre utopian dream?

Patriotism, our kids have shown us, is not mouthing words and waving a piece of cloth, then going back to follow the unfair rules.  It is standing up and fighting back when someone tries to force their view of the world on you.  How can we do less?

Woody Allen got it right, at least for this meeting.  Showing up at this meeting is 80% of this battle.  Showing up to say to the people that think our kids are “Punks“, “pawns“, and “uniformed” that their narrow, twisted view of the world will NOT be forced on our kids without the political fight of their lives!

Come on, JeffCo!  Tomorrow we keep fighting by showing up and making our voices HEARD!

Click here to sign up to speak on the proposed censorship committee – Agenda Item 6.01



6 thoughts on “10/2 – Why Being At The Meeting Tomorrow Is Vital

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  1. I think it’s imperative to remind everyone that it’s not just tomorrow – Thursday’s – board meeting that is important – but EVERY board meeting, moving forward, until the board majority is recalled, resigns, or has an about-face (which isn’t going to happen). The board knows there will be a large audience tomorrow. But we need to show our face and demand accountability every meeting. This is not just about a singular issue – this is about a bigger picture.

    • Jennifer –

      You have an excellent point. We would add that even after WNW is gone it will still be very important to attend Board meetings. A new Board will have to confront all the changes and damage done by WNW. There will disagreements on how to fix that damage. We do not see our role vanishing with the end of WNW rule on the Board. We think there is a definite role for an ongoing Board Watch-type information source, even with a new, non-extremist board.

  2. I am new to your organization. The boards actions regarding the history class stirred me to look for a way to help reverse the decision. Please let me know when the board meetings are and any petitions that I can sign. I live in Jefferson County. Thanks

    • Thank you!

      The first thing you can do is sign up as a subscriber to our blog. You will then automatically receive an email when ever something is posted to the main site. We also have a Facebook link (search for “Jefferson County School Board Watch”). That site not only has our posts, but also other peoples, plus a LOT of commenting. Sometimes we will push something out strictly on the FB page and not the main blog due to it’s brevity.

      The next thing you could do, is help organize your area. The best group we know of for that is JeffcoExodus. They are very new, and do not even have a website yet. But they have a lot of very good people, a lot of drive, and clear vision. We hear that their website should be up shortly. In the meantime, you can email them at JeffcoExodus@gmail.com.

      Finally, we highly recommend you visit Support Jeffco Kids (www.supportjeffcokids.org). They are turning into a key player in the fight against the actions of WNW. They have been developing brochures, bumper stickers, t-shirts, signs, and more, to help inform the public about what is going on. They also are now starting a public outreach effort. They can legally accept donations (they are a 501(c)4 entity), and in our opinion, that would be money well spent.

      Finally, we are always looking for people to do everything from basic research and page maintenance to full-fledged writing. If you are interested in helping out that way, you can contact us at jeffcowatch+help@gmail.com

      Thank you for stepping forward! Now, let’s get fighting!

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