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  1. jcsbw,

    I laud you, for your abilities to articulate, & to provide this public forum for comments.

    I’m noting that the Jeffco BOE used the word compromise — in their acceptance of Supt McMinimee’s proposal… not the word consensus — as I believe you are objecting to the BOE compromise perhaps not being a consensus. And yet — it is also a consensus — since more of the Board + McMinimee ( being his proposal ) agreed with.

    From my perspective, the Board compromising from Julie Williams original hope for a return to increased congenial themes in presenting APUSH… the majority compromised in favor of focusing on the essence of getting a well-rounded committee’s recommendations.
    In honor of great K-12 education minds everywhere– I bring up history from 8 months ago, when ed researchers made these data-based suggestions:

    Recalls tend to be fruitless
    Here are a few suggestions for members of the community who might find themselves opposed to the board’s new majority, from some well seasoned education researchers:
    First: don’t attempt a recall. They rarely work, Tom Alsbury said. Usually successful recalls only follow egregious abuses of power, like embezzlement. Stay active and wait for the next election cycle.
    Second: be vigilant, but not forceful. Any large organized demonstration — especially by the teachers union — could backfire, CRPE’s Christine Campbell suggested.
    “It can be very distressing to live in a place where [a lot of change] is happening, whether you’re a teacher, a parent or just someone reading the paper,” she said. “Fight for what you really value” but appearing to resist change may not help the cause.
    Third: don’t turn a rowboat into the Titanic, David Bloomfield said.
    He pointed to the co-location debate in New York Public Schools. The policy impacts only about 4 percent of the entire student body, Bloomfield said. But those who oppose the policy make it out to be a bigger inconvenience.
    “That’s the kind of sensation that can ruin [a district],” he said.

    Constituents from both sides of this issue will find elements they like, in the full Feb 2014 article:

    • Thank you for your comment.

      We do not feel that the final proposal meets the common definition of ‘compromise’. If you ask most people want ‘compromise’ means, you will probably get something akin to this; “An agreement or a settlement of a dispute that is reached by each side making concessions: an ability to listen to two sides in a dispute, and devise a compromise acceptable to both'” (href=”http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/us/definition/american_english/compromise” title=”Oxford English Dictionary” target=”_blank”)

      By that definition, this was not a compromise. No one consulted either Ms. Dahlkemper or Ms. Fellman on it. The ‘changes’ were made solely by the people who had put forward the original proposal. You could say this was the ‘edited’ proposal, the ‘modified’ proposal, or, perhaps most accurately, the ‘freshly camouflaged
      proposal, but it was not a compromise proposal. Please note that Witt insisted on changing the wording to make it into a Board committee, which is what Williams wanted, that the Board will now have sole deciding vote on what is ‘appropriate’, which is also what Williams wanted. Fundamentally, all that really changed is that the reasons Williams wanted this power are now not openly stated…but are definitely still there!

      Finally, your advice on not launching a recall. Well, that is for the voters to decide, isn’t it? And they very may decide that they have nothing to lose. After all, WNW has not shown the slightest interest in actually substantially modifying anything on their agenda, simply because 80% of the people who spoke to the Board oppose it. So sweet reason, and public outcry have not worked, and show no hope of working in the future. That leaves the people of JeffCo with just two options: All WNW to continue to destroy the District built up by so many generations (look at what they have done in 11 months. What will it be like another 36 months from now?), or take a chance.

      Besides, we have confidence that the people of JeffCo understand that any recall effort will take careful planning, a lot of preparation, and solid planning. We are also sure that they are up to it.

      To paraphrase Dylan Thomas: “Do not go gentle into that black night,…Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

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