10/3 Post – WNW’s “Compromise” & What Can You Do Now!

No Compromise
Last night, Witt, Newkirk, and Williams bought some time.  Time, they hope, for the furor to die down.  Time, they hope, for the press to go away.  Time, they hope, for you to forget the fact that they want the ability to indoctrinate our children.

At 5:30 this morning, McMinimee apparently sent out a ‘compromise’ proposal to modify an existing committee instead of creating a new one.  Dahlkemper and Fellman expressed interest, and said they liked the general idea, but wanted more time to review and discuss it.

WNW refused.  When Dahlkemper challenged them to work towards a compromise, Newkirk and Witt responded that they already had, and then pushed through a vote, passing the modification.

Why did they do this?  After almost three hours of public comment?  After hearing people pleading with them to begin working together.


Because they want you to forget.

They want you to forget that they were unwilling to wait even one more meeting so everyone can better understand McMinimee’s proposal.

They want your to forget that they are WNW and how WNW have historically acted.

Remember, WNW actually do not think they have to listen to you.  This is what Julie Wiliams told us last June when she said, “I keep hearing about the public not having a chance to speak.  They did at the election.

That is certainly how they have behaved.  They have ignored calls for more disclosure and debate on:

  1. The hiring of Brad Miller for +$90k/yr,
  2. The stopping the expansion of free, full-day kindergarten for poor children,
  3. Ignoring the results of community surveys on District spending priorities,
  4. Having only one ‘finalist’ (the search firm recommended three) from their ‘nation-wide’ Superintendent search – Dan McMinimee,
  5. Repudiating their own negotiating team when a tentative contract with JCEA had been reached,
  6. Dramatically expanding funding of charter schools, which came in last on the community survey,
  7. Ignoring the reports by both District staff and parents on the efficacy of full day kindergarten,
  8. Ignoring Lori Gilli’s warnings about the level of the reserve fund and not allocating any more funds to it,
  9. Ignoring the report from the Facilities committee on the state of JeffCo’s buildings,
  10. Ignoring the report from their own Fact Finder in the JCEA negotiations, and ramming an unknown, unexamined, unsupported teacher compensation plan down the teachers and district’s throats with no public debate.
  11. With little warning push a motion to create a censorship (the “Curriculum Review Committee”) onto the District, and then when our kids protest, call them “pawns”, “uniformed”, “misled”.

And now they expect us to believe them that they will not manipulate this new group???

This raises the real key issue:  Can we trust WNW?

If we look back at the past, the answer is a resounding “No”!

At every opportunity, even when it would cost them little or nothing, WNW has ignored, reneged, or sidestep the promises they have made.  Do you remember these promises?

  • JeffCo is not DougCo!
  • The Board can review Miller’s contract anytime.
  • We will work with Cindy Stevenson.
  • We do NOT have a Superintendent Candidate already in mind.
  • Show us proof that free, full-day kindergarten works.
  • We want to reach an agreement with the teachers.

The record shows that WNW makes lots of promises…and only keeps them as long as it serves their immediate interest.  The moment a promise obstructs them, they find a reason it was not really a promise…or they change what they promised.

In short, we cannot trust them with this committee, or any other committee, much less the District.

We probably ought to thank them.

We ought to thank them because they have removed any doubt that they actually listen to the JeffCo public.  They have removed any doubt as to their intent when it comes to JeffCo.  And they have removed any doubt that their goal is to make JeffCo into DougCo…or Texas.

As we see it, there are only three options available to Jeffco parents, taxpayers, and voters:

  1. Give in.  Just stop fighting, and drink the WNW-flavored kool-aid.
  2. Join and help build a broad-based community network that will recruit concerned parents, students, residents, and taxpayers, and provide constant, intense monitoring of WNW’s actions along with a rapid communications network for organizing responses to their next outrages.
  3. After doing #2 then organize, fund, and launch a recall effort.

WNW thought they were buying time for things to calm down.  Let us use that time to get things fired up!

Many of you have been wondering why there is not already a recall effort underway. It is because it takes time, organization, and money to launch one and actually win.

We have heard of groups that are working towards this.  But first they need that broad-based community network we mentioned above.  Without that, it takes a LOT of money to launch a successful recall.  And you can count on WNW’s deep pocketed backers not to give up without a fight.  They finally have their hands on some of the levers of power.  They will not unclench them willingly or easily.

We have looked around and identified several groups and actions that you can join, depending on your talents, resources, and availability.

  • Join and help Support Jeffco Kids.  This group was formed last spring when many of us began having a lot of concern over WNW.  They are a 501(c)4 organization, and so can accept donations and engage in political activities.  “SJK”, as it is known, has worked hard at organizing opposition to WNW in the community, and they seem to be one of the key groups.  You can join their mailing list here, and donate here.
  • Join JeffcoExodus.  This is a very new group, organized only the last week or so of September.  They are looking for volunteers whose role it will be to participate in two-way communication with their network and the volunteer’s local community.  At times these volunteers will need to quickly disseminate factual information to their own school and networks. Volunteers will also gather factual information and personal stories about staff turnover, families choosing to leave Jeffco, and other significant effects the actions of this Board Majority are having on school communities. You can get in contact with them at this email:  JeffcoExodus@gmail.com.
  • Join your local schools’ PTA.  Even if you do not have a child in school, your local PTA can use your help and input. Either contact your local school or the County PTA here: JeffCo PTA Volunteers.
  • Help JeffCo School Board Watch!  That’s right, you can help us. There are many things we have wanted to do that we just do not have the time for, such as maintaining a list of news articles/stories, tracking how much WNW has cost the taxpayers, updating a list of significant board activities, monitoring social media and keeping us aware of what is happening where, or even writing articles for us (we will work with you on topic and editing practices).  You can email us at Jeffcowatch+help@gmail.com.

Now is the time to step forward.  Our kids have carried their weight and ours these last two weeks.  Now it is our turn.  Volunteer, Participate, Work Hard, and JeffCo will triumph!

 Come join the fight, JeffCo!



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  1. Thanks for this comprehensive report. It’s good to have it all in one place!

  2. Thanks for the Wadsworth activity tonight! We honked at EVERY intersection! It was so great to see (and hear) the outpouring of support and raising of awareness!! Keep up the good work!

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