League of Women Voters Says JeffCo Has A Governance Problem!

League of Women Voters sloganAt the Sept 18th Special Board Meeting,

a delegation from the League of Women Voters met with the JeffCo School Board, with the purpose of asking the following questions of the Board members:

1. What are your plans to address the needs of all students in Jefferson County, including children of poverty, English Language Learners, special needs children, and students in pre-school?
2. How are the governing policies for the Board of Education developed, implemented and amended?  Are these policies the backbone of governance?
3. What processes does the Board of Education use in responding to advisory boards, staff recommendations, surveys, and public comment?
4. What strategies are you planning to use to reassure the community that you are placing a priority on maintaining the reputation of high standards and effective governance in Jefferson County Public Schools?
5. Discuss the roles of the superintendent and the Board of Education and how they interrelate in the decision making process?

If you want to watch the video from the meeting, click here: Stream: 9.18.14, pt 1 of 3

If you want to listen to the audio recording, click here: Audio: September 18, 2014, pt 1 of 2

On October 6th, the League sent a letter to the JeffCo Board of Education listing their findings and concern:  League Responses to School Board Actions.

The letter opens with the following title and first paragraph:

Letter from LWV to Jeffco BOE: Follow Your Own Policies!

Controversy about the Jefferson County Board of Education’s actions has made local and national news lately. However, the League of Women Voters of Jefferson County feels that beyond specific issues, there is an underlying problem in the board’s governance.

And then finishes with:

The League supports strong adherence to Colorado’s Sunshine Law. The time has come to bring openness and collaboration back to the operations of the Jefferson County Board of Education.

One by one, WNW and their backers have been alienating group after group of concerned citizens in Jefferson County.  Now a legendary non-partisan organization, the League of Women Voters, has confirmed what many of us have been saying since last December…Witt, Newkirk, and Williams have been breaking the Board’s own policies, have been practicing  poor governance, and it is time that they stop!

We are not alone, so let’s

Keep Fighting, JeffCo!