10/15 Post – Why Tomorrow’s BoE Meeting Will Probably Be Interesting….

Comedy Tragedy
If you looked at tomorrow’s (Thursday) meeting agenda, you might be excused for thinking it will be a bit on the “oh, hum” side.

But it actually will probably be a lot more interesting than you might think.  There may even be some good laughs at the end.

(5:30 p.m. 5th Floor Board Room, Education Center, 1829 Denver West Drive, Bldg. 27, Golden, CO – Agenda review here.  If you can’t make the meeting, you can get a live video stream here.)

The first two agenda items will be interesting because McMinimee and Morgan (M²) will have to somehow simultaneously take credit for JeffCo, where they did not work yet, somehow out-performing the District they were working at (DougCo)!  Then, at the same time, find some way to blame those same successful practices and previous leaders for, as of yet unrevealed, ‘failures’ that the lower performing DougCo did not avoid???

In short they have to claim the responsibility for the good stuff they had no part of, while avoiding any responsibility for any possible bad stuff they were a part of!  All at the same time!  All while the District they used to work at, and whose performance they did have responsibility for, did not do as well as JeffCo for which they had no responsibility!


This will be a verbal acrobatic and magic show that, if they pull it off, should surpass even Penn & Teller performing with Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas!

When it comes to the next item, we do have one small confession.

We have spent the last nine months watching and listening to the prevarications, dissembling, deliberate misstatements, and false impressions of Witt, Newkirk, and Williams.  At some point during this time, just as happens to people who clean zoo cages on regular basis, we have developed not only a bit of a tolerance of the odor of their verbal and administrative leavings, but actually have a sneaking appreciation for the various textures, flavors, and sheer quantities they are able to produce!

So we await almost eagerly to see if they will come up with a new odor or texture variant, or if they will stick to the old standby of simply making misleading statements using misquoted facts taken out of proper context, mixed with half-truths.

The humorous part (if you appreciate theatrical Farce), will be during Agenda Item 2.03 when McMinimee tries to pretend that he actually thought about what goals he should have and WNW try to pretend that these goals are actually going to be important in his ‘review‘.

First of all, the document “Possible Superintendent Goals” was added in haste after the original agenda was published without it.  Secondly, if you read the document, you find that someone simply took the already stated goals for the Board and District and either restated them verbatim or simply inserted “Provide leadership to” in front of it! 

Imagine if the CEO of a Fortune 1000 company had done this prior to meeting his or her Board of Directors to discuss his or her year’s “goals”.  At the very least, it would have immediately initiated a intense discussion about the relative seriousness with which the CEO took the process.  Or imagine that it is the case of a high school student turning in the outline of semester project. The conversation with the teacher would probably start with the teacher asking the student, “Just how dumb do you think I am?”

In our opinion, this response indicates how much serious thought Mr. McMinimee has given to the idea that he will actually be held accountable for his and the District’s performance, i.e., none.

Thus the stage of WNW’s farcical production of “Impress us now, Mr. McMinimee!” is set.  All we await are the willing actors from the dark comedy troupe of Witt, Newkirk, Williams, & McMinimee.

As lovers of the theatre, we would not want this stage act to fail!  So, in keeping with role of the prompter, below we have some possible ‘improv’ or ‘cover’ goals that WNW+McMinimee could use if they forget the ones they cribbed from Board and District goals:

Suggested 2014-15 School Year Goals for the Superintendent

  1. Mr. McMinimee is successful in expanding the number of AP courses offered in the District, including the AP U.S. History, while also increasing the number of students who take the courses and score at least a ‘3’ on the AP test.
  2. Going into the 2015-16 school year, Mr. McMinimee is successful in keeping the certified teacher attrition rate at or below the state average.  Achieving this would indicate that JeffCo is being successful at keeping the most highly qualified and experienced teachers.
  3. Mr. McMinimee redesigns Jeffco’s current full-day Kindergarten enrollment process to provide more equitable access for ALL Jeffco families based on income, resulting in an increase of at least 25% of the number of full-day Kindergarten students who also qualify for Free or Reduced Lunches.
  4. Mr. McMinimee is successful in leading the District and guiding the Board in its processes to the extent that the League of Women Voters issues a new letter (here is the current one), praising the District and Board for their open and transparent processes and the dramatic increase in involvement and receptivity to the concerns of the public.
  5. Mr. McMinimee is successful at reducing the percentage of JeffCo students who  leave the district by at least 25%.
  6. Mr. McMinimee persuades Witt, Newkirk, and Williams that they do not need a private attorney paid for by public tax dollars, and the (questionable) services of Mr. Miller are dispensed with.

So, just in case Witt, Newkirk, Williams, or McMinimee forget their lines, please be prepared in the audience to help them out by feeding them one of the above!

And remember!  We can still have fun, even when we are…

Fighting Back, JeffCo!



4 thoughts on “10/15 Post – Why Tomorrow’s BoE Meeting Will Probably Be Interesting….

  1. I like those goals. How about adding hiring inside counsel who actually FOLLOWS the law & board/district policies. And eliminating the “need” for Mr. Miller’s “services.” And I use that term loosely.

  2. Please make a point of submitting your performance goals to the board. They are everything goals should be — specific and quantifiable.

  3. You are an excellent writer! You covered all of the issues perfectly. Thank you for taking the time to write this article ~ well researched. I found it very humorous but you know how it is when you realize that these people actually believe they are in the right (and are in a position of power) then your laughter turns to tears.

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