11/6 – Election Analysis & BOE Meeting Tonight

Victory is won in inchesWe all wish we would have more to celebrate yesterday.

Tuesday was seemingly filled with disappointments.  After the hard work we all put in, the temptation to feel that we lost all around is strong.

Resist it!

Because we did make a difference.  We did win some victories.

We need to understand that our opponents, the people who support WNW’s reign of terror, are well prepared, well financed, and well controlled.  Such are ‘astro-turf’ groups.

On the other hand, we are still coming together, financing things out of our own pockets, and battling our way up a steep learning curve.  Such are real grass-roots.

Did we win all the fights we wanted to?  No.  But we won more than the opposition thought possible!

Our efforts to get the word out, to get people aware, to get people voting, succeeded.  And we made a difference!

Bob Beauprez, who openly supported Julie Williams and the WNW agenda, was defeated in a close election.  He lost by just under 28,000 votes.  Almost 15,000 of those came from Jefferson County.

Laura Boggs, the high-priestess of WNW’s ‘Reform’ agenda, lost to Jane Goff by almost 15,000 votes.  Close to 11,000 of that margin came from us defeating her here in JeffCo.

Tony Sanchez, who boasted of Julie Williams endorsement as far back as the primaries, lost to Andy Kerr by just over a 1,000 votes.

In fact, of the six candidates who openly supported and endorsed WNW’s anti-American effort to censor curriculum and replace it with indoctrination, three lost!

This is despite of the massive amount of money, misleading campaigning, and unethical advertising that they put into their efforts.

They had their victories, but where the issue of the JeffCo Board was raised, they lost half their battles.

Because us.

So, we do have some things to celebrate and take heart from.  Imagine what we could have done if we had had their time, money, and organization?

If you have not already, go to our page Groups Opposing WNW’s Agenda and find one to sign up with!  Because Tuesday was just a small skirmish.  The real battle is yet to be fought!

And speaking of fighting…

Tonight’s Board Meeting should be VERY interesting:

Agenda Item 5.13 – New Chief Legal Counsel/ HR Relations: Why does Craig Hess have absolutely NO school district experience? How on earth is he qualified?

Agenda Item 6.01 – Alexandria School of Innovation Charter School Application: Why would the Board approve of a Charter school whose application is so flawed it did not even use the right District name throughout its application? And will be run by a for-profit company that got tossed out of the other school it created? Review Margaret Lessenger’s analysis.

Agenda Item 6.02 – Golden View Classical Charter School Application: How many exemptions are too many? And why do they fear parents so much that they made sure that parents can never take control of the Board?  Review Margaret Lessenger’s analyis on this one too.

Agenda Item 6.04 – Superintendent Goals: The revised goals were finally published.  McMinimee is to ‘Show leadership’.  No specifics of what that means.  He waves a magic ‘leadership’ wand?  How about some genuine goals on the order of the ones found here: 10/15 Post – Why Tomorrow’s BOE Meeting Will Probably Be Interesting…

Agenda Item 7.01 – Hiring a Canadian company that specializes in Canadian municipal surveys to survey JeffCo on Education Spending? Huh????

Agenda Item 7.02 – Curriculum Review Committee – Why is the Board ignoring the Denver Post, the Dallas Morning News, even the Caspar Star-Tribune and is going ahead with this censorship/indoctrination review committee?

If you can’t make it, watch on Livestream: Jeffco Boardroom

We Have Been Fighting, JeffCo!

And we have won some victories. 

Now let’s go out there and build the foundation for…

More And Bigger Victories!




5 thoughts on “11/6 – Election Analysis & BOE Meeting Tonight

  1. It was not a total loss. My wife and I went out of our way to make sure folks in the 22nd state senate district knew of the connection of candidate Tony Sanchez and Julie Williams. I told him I was “a practicing Catholic Republican with a lot of friends and big mouth” and I said I was committed to making sure people in my Parish, parents of kids in our schools, and all of my neighbors knew his connection to Williams. He lost by 1,000 votes.

    • Agreed! And that’s why we say it was not as dark as it might seem. On the races that directly involved a candidate backing WNW, we beat them half the time! And they poured a TON of money into the effort!

    • Thank you, Sean! Spread the word to friends and neighbors. This new charter tonight is going to be using Hinsdale curriculum, a very conservative viewpoint.
      As a Methodist I protest on the grounds of “Separation of Church and State.” I do not want my tax dollars supporting another religious viewpoint without using them all, which is not possible.
      Why are we mixing religion into schools? What if
      it were a really off the wall belief system? Check out Diane Ravitch’s writing about this very topic; big money is taking over schools everywhere in the US without a local vote. Results are no better than the schools replaced and the money is going to companies just in it to use public tax dollars. Everyone read and learn what is happening.

  2. Thank you all for your efforts! Keep up the pressure. There are a lot of us out there ready for the next steps.
    Just remember in our efforts that we are all still neighbors wanting the best for our neighborhood schools.

  3. I suggest regular neighborhood schools be allowed a few of the waivers being granted to GVCA.
    Specifically those associated with disruptive students and suspension, as well as those associated with public input.

    Allow schools to expel disruptive students.

    Close the door to disruptive parents.

    Shift some accountability for disruptive, defiant, and belligerent children BACK to the parents.

    Shift authority for discipline and control back to the schools.

    Fire ineffective school staff, and Fire ineffective parents.

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