Board of Ed Meeting tonight – Come and be heard!

The Board meets tonight at 5:30 p.m. in room 4E at the Education Center (map here).  There are LOT of things on the agenda that need your eyes, ears, and voice!

(For a more complete analysis, see our post “Feb 6th Board Meeting Agenda – Cornerstone again!”)

1.03  Monitoring:  Second Quarter Financial Report (EL-5, EL-6) – several Charter schools are in financial difficulty.  One is not even responding to District requests for more information.

6.01 – Compensation Redesign (presentation here) – Not enough evidence to support a move to individual performance pay.

7.01 – TS Gold in Preschool (CDE provided info on TS Gold) – One way or another, Pre-School effectiveness evaluation has to be done or the District loses state funds for it.  The TS Gold grant is the state offering to pay for the evaluation.  If it remains turned down (the Board turned it down at the Dec 12th meeting), then JeffCo either pays $94,000 out of its own pocket or loses the state at risk Pre-School money.

7.02 Membership in the Performance Evaluation Council – The Board wants to discuss who gets on the council.  We need to make sure that the members are truly representative of the JeffCo district!

7.04 Cornerstone Academy Application – This troubled application is now in “facilitation” with the District.  The latest information we have is that the Cornerstone organization has lost one grant they were counting on and the only Lakewood location they had looked at was now gone.  How can a school support the South Lakewood community with inadequate funds and from either north Wheat Ridge or Evergreen (their two other possible locations)?

7.05 Direction for Financial Oversight Committee (background doc here) – here is where the Board tells the committee what it’s priorities are.

We need to have as many people as possible show up and ask questions!  If you are not sure of what question to ask, look at our previous post (here) for suggestions.  Make your voice heard!  Sign up to speak at the meeting.  For comments about something on the Agenda click here.  For comments about something not on the Agenda, click here.