4.25.15 On building bright futures

Our district proudly displays a banner on its homepage advertising that Jefferson County Public Schools builds bright futures. Somehow, that’s hard to believe when one of the key architects, our school board member Julie Williams, is taking pieces out of our foundation all the time.

Here’s one foundational truth that applies to all of Jefferson County’s
students. It can be hard to be an adolescent. It’s a time filled with insecurities, rejection, fear, and often loneliness. It can be torture to be a gay adolescent. It’s a time filled with teasing, hateful words, threats, and additional fear.

It’s an atrocity to realize that a student in our district holding the hand of a same sex partner is still an act of bravery that might be punished through unthinkable acts of violence while Julie Williams can sit comfortably in her chair and say she didn’t take the time to read the hateful, gay bashing post she put on her Facebook page. Of the many people in Jefferson County who care passionately about the well-being of our students, Julie Williams does not appear to be one.

After all, our teachers are working tirelessly to make sure that students do read things and become thoughtful and contributing members in our diverse community. Julie Williams is far from a role model.