5.6.15 A Well-Deserved Thank You

To our teachers and administrators,

We recognize you for what you are – warriors for children and education.

Each time a stone has been thrown at a school community in Jeffco by our hostile, politically-charged board majority, you have continued to wake up each day to walk through the front doors of your school and teach our children.

There are people all over this district pretending to know what’s good for our students. There are publications hitting mailboxes, email blasts entering thousands of computers, and professional trolls and propaganda masters working on making the BOE3’s agenda seem valid. In all reality, these people have never walked into a classroom.

They have never actually experienced the joy of watching a student sit up straighter with the confidence of having learned something that matters.

They have never stayed up late to finish a unit plan or swiped their credit card to buy school supplies for their students.

They have never watched a shy student raise their hand for the first time or seen a classroom erupt into an awe-inspiring Socratic seminar.

You are someone who knows that.

You are someone who chooses to educate our amazing children in a politically hostile district.

You are someone who deserves a standing ovation.


2 thoughts on “5.6.15 A Well-Deserved Thank You

  1. Thank you. I needed to hear that.

  2. Someone please try to write an editorial pointing out Julie’s Williams rant against homosexuals and her lies about not realizing what was on the link to the anti-gay site.

    I’ve tried but either mine don’t get published because I don’t subscribe to the Post or I’m not able to write an acceptable editorial.

    The public in general must be kept informed of the antics of our Tea Party controlled school board.

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