6.26.15 It’s time: Let’s recall WNW!


You’ve asked. You’ve waited. And it’s time. The recall process for Witt, Williams and Newkirk is off and running. We received this press release from Jeffco United in our inbox this afternoon:

Jeffco Community Pulls Recall Petitions on Three School Board Majority Members

The School Board Majority Members Have Failed to Do What’s Best for Taxpayers & Students

Golden, CO – Today, Wendy McCord a stay-at-home mother of three Jeffco students, along with Michael Blanton a Jeffco father and attorney, and Tina Gurdikian a Jeffco mother of two students and an environmental compliance specialist submitted language to the Jefferson County Clerk’s office to recall the three Jeffco School Board Majority Members – Ken Witt, John Newkirk and Julie Williams.

“We can no longer wait! The Board Majority Members are taking away the opportunity for our Jeffco students to succeed by failing to do what we elected them to do, represent the voice of the entire community and not just those who voted for them. The Board Majority Members regularly disregard input from the community and district staff, including their solo pick for superintendent, Dan McMinimee. The Board Majority Members have gone so far as to limit public comment, and take up to a year to respond with shallow form letters to emails submitted to the Board by their constituents. In the case of facility needs to address increasing enrollment in the north, Board Majority Members have left families in a state of stressful limbo wondering where their children will attend school,” stated Tina Gurdikian.

“The language we submitted as the grounds for recall today clearly outlines why the Board Majority Members are not suited to continue in their elected roles. For over a year, the Board Majority Members have made decisions behind closed doors and violated their own rules as well as state and federal laws. All of this secrecy and lack of transparency has resulted in over 700 educators and countless families leaving Jeffco Schools – this is unacceptable,” continued Wendy McCord.

“Between the broken promises to voters, violating open meeting laws and privacy laws and wasting taxpayer money, I as a Jeffco voter felt it was time to stand up and put an end to the chaos that has overtaken our school board. The board majority members have consistently exhibited a fundamental disrespect for Jeffco parents and students, and their attitude and actions will only cause our students to fall behind their peers, locally, nationally and globally,” concluded Michael Blanton.

Below is the statement of grounds for the recalls that was submitted today. Jeffco United For Action “Jeffco School Board President Ken Witt and the School Board Majority have failed Jeffco taxpayers, parents and students. A recall now will:

  • Restore ACCOUNTABILITY: The Board Majority wasted millions of taxpayer dollars, including hiring a novice Superintendent for $280,000–$80,000 more a year than the previous nationally recognized Superintendent of 12 years—and hiding $90,000 each year in legal expenses from the public.
  • Restore TRANSPARENCY: They have repeatedly violated Colorado open meeting laws by secretly making major decisions behind closed doors. They have severely limited public comment at board meetings, bullied students and parents, and released a minor student’s private information in violation of state law.
  • Restore RESPECT: They attempted to censor US History classes, leading thousands of students to walk out of class in protest. Their unprofessional actions have pushed over 700 educators this past year to leave Jeffco schools, most to teach in other districts, because the educators believe the Board Majority’s policies hurt their ability to educate our students.

In the interest of our children, community and schools, we need to send the message that our kids’ education and fiscal responsibility come before politics.”

Once the recall petition has been submitted, the Jefferson County Clerk and Recorder has seven business days to approve the language. Following that, circulators have 60 days to gather 15,000 signatures for each of the three seats they are seeking to recall.

We need every one of our readers to help spread Jeffco reclaim its schools and recall WNW. Please stop by the Jeffco United website to sign up for emails. You can also help with the recall effort by contacting Jeffco parent Tina Gurdikian at tgurdikian@hotmail.com.

Don’t hesitate. We need people to sign petitions, gather signatures, and most of all, to explain to Jeffco residents who don’t have kids in school why their vote to recall these three is so very, very important for the future of our children and Jeffco as a whole.

Keep fighting, JeffCo!


5 thoughts on “6.26.15 It’s time: Let’s recall WNW!

  1. Emails to gurdikian@hotmail.com are bouncing. Please let me know how I can help in any way with this recall.

    • I’ve fixed the link and also forwarded your information to Tina. Sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you so much for your help!!!

  2. I absolutely support efforts to recall these three board members. Their behavior and intentions are descipable and destructive!

  3. The links in this posting for Jeff Co United website are not working. I also got a mailing from Jeff Co United that has this non-working link: http://www.JeffcoUnited.org Finally, I typed in Jeff Co United in Facebook and could not find it. The first donations need to go to getting technology working if this recall is to be successful! I’d be glad to make a donation when I can get to a site to do so!

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