Introducing JCSBW’s “Jeffco Community Supports the Recall Guest Column Contest! (Non-‘Union Operative’ Version)”

Why? Recently, Lisa Pinto, former Communications Director and political appointee for Jeffco Schools, proclaimed on radio that the recall can only be the work of union operatives, also implying that opposition to the recall can only stem from the teachers’ union. WNW’s sycophants at Jeffco Students First keep mindlessly parroting the same talking points too. Clearly they either lack good data about the opposition, or have too much of an active imagination. Time to both get serious and have some fun with this.

Who? Open to all Jeffco community members, except for Jeffco staff. Sorry teachers and other Jeffco staff; we’ll give you a turn later, and we do encourage you to keep submitting to Jeffco Exodus in the meantime. Contact us if you are a teacher but not a member of JCEA.

What? We are seeking submissions of between 100 and 300 words that include two things. First, you should convey that you’re not a member of JCEA, and that you don’t have any particularly close ties to it. Second, tell Jeffco why you support the recall in a few simple points. We will publish up to 10 throughout the coming months. Posting will be completely at our discretion.

When? Submissions must be received by August 1.

How? Submit to JeffcoOpportunity@gmail.com. We will do only light editing; any heavy editing will be returned to you for final approval. We understand the paralyzing fear out there, so your name may be included or kept anonymous at your discretion, but please be sure to let us know if you are a parent or community member and the general part of Jeffco (north, south, central, mountains) where you reside. We will not share your identity with anyone without your permission.

3 thoughts on “7.2.15 JCSBW GUEST COLUMN CONTEST!!

  1. I am a school psychologist fior the district, and not a union member. I have made a donation to the recall fund and will be happy to help secure signatures.

    If you would like my story ….either as a parent of a child with special needs or as an employee I would be happy to contribute.

    • We’d love your story, and either angle would be great. Just send it to the above email. Thanks for helping us tell the community what’s really going on in Jeffco.

  2. My teaching career spanned four decades from grade levels 2nd through college. I was a coach who attended clinics with the likes of John Wooden and Al McQuire. I served a term as a school board member in Illinois and began work on my doctorate degree after receiving my BA and MS in education. As a teacher I was creative, innovative, very independent and successful. I retired a couple of years earlier than I had intended because when I saw this conservative majority board elected I knew what was coming and told people what to expect and things pretty much turned out as I had predicted. My career has meant a great deal to me and I would never work with the tone and adversarial attitude that this board has fostered in Jeffco since the day they were seated as board members. The details are are all there for the public to see as to what has occurred in their short tenure. I would offer this thought as an example in closing my short piece. Never have I seen a school board member nor any public official put a minor student’s picture, name, and a form of contact information up on a screen at a public meeting to then denigrate her and demean her as he did in a negative light. If I was a community member I wouldn’t allow that to go unchallenged. As a teacher, I wouldn’t work for a school system where such treatment of students is allowed. If I’m mistaken about what I described as having happened, please advise, if not, where does the Jeffco community stand? Public education is a public trust. Under the slim majority of this board students and their education has not been the focus of the district, the antics of the board have overshadowed everything and created mistrust and injured on enthusiasm. Good luck Jeffco. I wish you well.

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