9.14.15 Jeffco Recall about Survival of Public Education

Your Childs EducationWe received this from a JCSBW reader and received permission to share it here.

The survival of Public Education in Jefferson County is on the ballot this November as the five seats of the school board are contested. It is a battle that has ramifications not only for Jefferson County but also for the state and the nation. Will extremist right wing policies and outside money interests prevail over a community’s interests and the benefit of its children?

While much has been written, pro and con, about the autocratic actions of Ken Witt, John Newkirk and Julie Williams, who erroneously call themselves conservatives, little has been said about their mission. To put it succinctly, in the words of former board member Laura Boggs, their intention is to “destroy this district.” Why would anyone want to do that unless he or she had something to gain by doing it?

From their mismanagement of Jeffco’s funds, to extremist attempts alter established AP curricula, to bullying children speakers and other board members, to attempts to intimidate through threats, innuendo, and armed security—their regime seems more like an arm of autocrats of the 1930s in Europe than America in the 21st Century. Their ham-handed attempts at privatizing public education and railroading anyone who would oppose them have, fortunately, awakened a community that values the kind of progressive, award-winning education that their children have gotten in Jeffco for many decades.

Unfortunately, extremist ideologies and corporate profiteers have weaseled their way into the Jeffco School Board and now threaten the district’s very existence as resources have been diverted to non-public/semi-private schools that serve select groups and line the pockets of investors. To destroy a school district one must:

  • Run off the best educators,
  • Cut funds for programs and compensation for staff
  • Increase class sizes
  • Cut funds for construction and maintenance
  • Destroy morale
  • Cut services for schools and community and then hire a PR firm to convince the public that what they’re doing is in the best interest of children.

It’s classic double-speak. In time, the quality of education and the educated will drop. Mission accomplished.

Shame on them when they duped voters in 2013. Shame on us if we allow it to happen again.

Vote to recall Ken Witt, John Newkirk, and Julie Williams. Vote to elect candidates whose interests are genuinely aimed at children and learning. Vote for Amanda Stevens, Ali Lasell, Brad Rupert, Ron Mitchell and Susan Harmon.

Keep fighting, JeffCo!


8 thoughts on “9.14.15 Jeffco Recall about Survival of Public Education

  1. I am with you in spirit but we have our own fight here in Douglas County. Wishing you every success !!

  2. Recently in our state of Washington, the Washington Supreme Court affirmed that Charter Schools are unconstitutional. Funding for them has been suddenly cut. This has huge positive implications and perhaps the great state of Colorado can do the same, in addition to getting rid of those who wish to destroy public education.

  3. An accurate and succinct summary of the board majority’s performance and our obligation and opportunity to rectify matters at the ballot box.

  4. Well said!

  5. I saw an advertisement by Julie Williams stating the Jeffco “built a new school without going into debt” what school is she talking about?

    • They haven’t built a new school yet, but she’s probably talking about the new school they intend to build in the Candelas neighborhood in Arvada. That’s the one where they pulled $18 million from the operating budget (the one that funds classrooms) and held it to build a new school–never mind the reality that within five years, Jeffco will need three new schools and the second phase of renovations to an existing school in NW Arvada, plus likely a school or addition to an existing school in west Lakewood.

  6. Don’t destroy our schools!

  7. The koch (I know I didn’t capitalize their name) brothers should destroy their own state and leave us alone. Where do they get off thinking that we have to think like them and be religious right wing. When is it going to stop?

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