9.28.15 Apply now for the new Jeffco DAC — or miss out

urgentAs we mentioned in our last post, the Jeffco Schools Strategic Planning Advisory Council (SPAC) is splitting into two groups. The new District Accountability Committee (DAC) will focus on the accountability side of things, and the new SPAC will focus solely on strategic planning.

You may also remember Witt, Newkirk, and Williams want to start fresh, and told district staff to solicit applications for review on Oct. 1.

That’s Thursday.  THIS Thursday.

The district posted application information and other important details today, and we hope you will apply.

No Title

No Description

Here’s the catch: you need to apply ASAP because the Jeffco School Board will be reviewing applications at this Thursday’s meeting. Witt was extremely cagey about the application process at last week’s meeting, refusing to provide a specific date by which application should be received and generally rushing the process without any details.

Witt said they’d review the applications they receive at the Oct. 1 meeting, but people could still submit applications. We’re not sure how that process will work, but we suspect that they gave advance notice to individuals they want on the new DAC so they’ll have those applications on Thursday.

It would be very easy for Witt, Newkirk and Williams to look through the applications they’ve received, declare that they have more than enough qualified candidates, and appoint DAC members on Thursday. They’ve said the official vote for members will be at the Oct. 15 meeting, but that doesn’t mean they’ll actually consider any new applications after Oct. 1–unless one of their people procrastinates past the Oct 1 deadline. We wouldn’t count on that.

If you’re a Jeffco Schools parent, administrator, teacher, or a member of Jeffco’s business community, we encourage you to apply. We especially urge you to apply if you happen to chair or be a member of your child’s school accountability committee.

The application form is here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1y3teI4hpNSTulVH1_S3_o2EyKn8wGi8J964P1ab7Xyo/viewform?c=0&w=1

Don’t delay! Witt won’t wait.

Keep fighting, JeffCo!




One thought on “9.28.15 Apply now for the new Jeffco DAC — or miss out

  1. Wow that is one strange application. For parents they ask name, and what kind of school (public or charter) what school the children attend and some very personal information about said children (disability – none of your business!) But they don’t ask: job skill, if I’ve ever served on a board like this, education, title. For the business owners there is also nothing like: what is your business name and what do you do with said business? Yah, strange.

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