Vote in Our Survey: Choose Your Pre-Election WNW “Lowlights”

Want to take a survey about the Jeffco Board of Education that will actually get read?

Having trouble keeping track of the madness spurred by the board majority over the last two years?

Here is your chance to cast preliminary votes…on the things you want us to re-highlight about WNW in the coming weeks. We’ve chosen 30 of the most troubling stories about WNW over the past two years. Now you tell us which ones you want us to re-highlight with a dedicated post, for all to be reminded of.

Vote for 10 stories before midnight Sunday, and on Monday we’ll take the overall Top 10 and highlight them with dedicated posts between next Monday and the election.

Please share widely, we want a lot of votes to tabulate. So far, 200 people have already voted.

Stories are in random order. Click ‘other’ and post a comment if there’s a story that you think we’re missing.

Note that in the avalanche of stories, we did overlook WNW’s Free Full-Day Kindergarten debacle, including the denial of data supporting the importance of FFDK. We will make sure to mention that in our recap series.

Take the poll here:

Have your say: Choose Your ‘Top 10’ Jeffco School Board ‘Lowlights’ From the Past Two Years for JCSBW To Re-‘Highlight’

Voice your opinion on the poll: Choose Your ‘Top 10’ Jeffco School Board ‘Lowlights’ From the Past Two Years for JCSBW To Re-‘Highlight’

2 thoughts on “Vote in Our Survey: Choose Your Pre-Election WNW “Lowlights”

  1. I support the recall because of all of the reasons stated in list. I think we need to force the malificent three to announce their there
    support from known Republicans in this non-partisan election and state their reasons why they believe they need such support in light of their comments about “non-parents” of Jefferson County concerns about their take-over of the Board After-all, their supporters believe that minority party(Republicans) members have the right to demand Congress only act as they desire. .

  2. I support the Board Recall election for all the reasons stated. And, I am pleased with the five candidates: Lasell, Stevens, Rupert, Harmon and Mitchell. These five candidates
    have high integrity, terrific communication skills, they are proactive, open to hearing all voices in the community and will work together as a productive team to benefit ALL students. We must keep quality schools for all. Everyone who believes in public schools must vote for the recall and the above candidates on Nov. 3.

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