“Boots on The Boulevard”: 20 Miles of Wadsworth, 4:00-6:00 Today

In these last 10 days before the election ends, we will be focusing on what you can do to help turn this election. It will be very close.

Today is a simple one: stand alongside other parents, teachers, students, and many other community members in a show of strength anywhere along Wadsworth between 4:00 and 6:00 pm. They want the non-stop manipulative ads and the Koch money machine to discourage us, or to make us give up. Neither will happen! Help show that it’s only strengthened our resolve to remove this overwhelming outside influence, and their incompetent, unqualified local pawns from power.

Boots 2Boots

Can’t make it the whole time? No worry, come for part of it.

Don’t know where to go? Join in on any major intersection on Wadsworth.

Don’t know what to make for a sign? Don’t worry: just grab your Recall or Clean Slate yard sign, or someone there will have it.

We need as many people as possible. Last time there were thousands.

Jeffco United Boots on the Blvd | Facebook

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