Last Minute News Flashes

Odds and ends but important nonetheless:

  1. Yesterday on 850 KOA, Ken Witt was asked by the morning host, Ross Kamensky, if there were other “like-minded” school board “reform” candidates on the ballot. Ken Witt’s answer: “Yes!” and “I’m voting for Kim Johnson and Tori Merritts.” Think about constant Executive Sessions and far more secrecy than we have now, and then urge the more independent, thoughtful alternatives: Ali Lasell and Amanda Stevens.


  1. The ballot news isn’t great, at least as far as returns by party are concerned. So there’s every reason to keep up the urgency. On the other hand, there’s still reason for optimism too. A few days ago, we published news that there were a few more Republican voter ballots turned in than Democrat voter ballots or Unaffiliated ballots. That GOP “lead” has grown as of Saturday’s count. A few people got upset about our posting about this, so it’s worth noting again that we have Republicans on our team, know that many Republicans are voting for the recall, and that it’s only one relevant piece of analysis. To be sure, it doesn’t tell the whole story. The good news is that that gap is still a lot closer than it was in 2013, and we also know that Democrats are notoriously late voters and often close that gap in the last days.  We also know that tens of thousands of unaffiliated voters are in the mix, and we’ve been hearing from so many of them about how they’re voting pro-recall as well. All of this added together portends an extremely tight outcome.
  2. You know this election is important, but there’s a lot of national news outlets covering this story now. One sample is  here and here: note that the Jeffco outcome is being seen as a national test case.

Please do whatever it takes to reach out to family, friends and neighbors who haven’t voted. Call, visit, email, post online. A lot more people than you might think are still considering their vote, or haven’t even opened their ballots.

Keep fighting, JeffCo!

6 thoughts on “Last Minute News Flashes

  1. I am dismayed and sickened that the WNW Camp has stooped so low that they are now sending ROBOCALLS out. The voice of a teenage girl is speaking on the calls, telling us to vote NO on the recall, and to vote for Johnson and Merritts. It’s really disgusting. We will find a way to rid Colorado of Koch money and the influence of outsiders who could care less about our kids!!

  2. I will do what I can! Thanks for being there for me

  3. Four voters in my house, and not a single Democrat among us. We voted FOR the recall, and I personally dropped off our ballots. I am a business owner in Jeffco, a registered Republican, a practicing Catholic, and very proud to have kids in Jeffco school, but completely terrified what will happen if this board majority is allowed to remain.

    This is not about liberal vs conservative. This is about special interests being pushed ahead against the greater good of the whole, and violating laws and policy to accomplish it. This is about dismantling a very successful school district, attacking its teachers, and then lying about your intentions. This is about offending a majority of your community, and then trying to blame liberal bias on why the populous is up in arms. This is about responsible fiscal policy you said you would honor, and then spending money for your own agenda. This is about you claiming you are running for the school board because you claim your Autistic child was bullied, then say and do NOTHING as your colleague proceeds to bully a child in public.

    It is time for WNW to just go away.

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