11.18.15 Ready for a New Era


As you can tell, we’ve been enjoying some rest the last couple of weeks (translation: we’ve been tackling all the stuff we put off until after the election, and this proves that we’re actually parents and not a funded 24/7 machine!). But we’re not going away. Yes, we’re excited about the Clean Slate. We’re thrilled that we’ll have a full set of school board members dedicated to tackling the many challenges that Jeffco Schools faces with careful consideration and community input.

But we also know that WNW supporters are incensed that voters exercised their critical thinking skills and clearly stated that partisan politics have no place in our schools. They’ve always been fired up, but their outrage took on a new level at the Nov. 5 board meeting. We’re not going to repeat their drivel here because it doesn’t deserve the light of day (and can be heard on the recording of the meeting anyhow). It’s clear that our job is not done.

What we know:

  • There are challenging decisions ahead
  • The new board members will solicit community input
  • Community input needs to be based on good information
  • WNW supporters are already working to spread their lies and rumors.

So we’ll continue to watch. For the time being, we hope to simply highlight the topics that will be addressed at upcoming board meetings and to provide a summary of the meeting afterward. We’ll try to highlight big issues and give you a more detailed picture as it comes. And we’ll let you know what else we’re seeing and hearing out there. Brad Miller, WNW’s board attorney hired under extremely questionable circumstances and the top vote-getter among a poll of our readers, has already resigned, opening the door for less partisan legal counsel and discussions.

We hesitate to say that we’ll let you know what we’re seeing from “the other side” because this is not an our side/their side fight. But — and we cannot emphasize this strongly enough — the Independence Institute, Jeffco Students First, and the Koch Brothers/Americans for Prosperity do see this as an our side/their side fight. They don’t see middle ground nor do they value it, and they are already making it clear that they will fight anything that doesn’t align to their very strict, partisan ideology with every lie and rumor they can fabricate. Jon Caldara also made it clear they intend to start working now, “ruthlessly” and “24/7” in order to be successful in 2017 when the three seats are up for election again.

We, on the other hand, recognize that there are many perspectives on education, many needs to address and insufficient resources for doing so. We hope the board members are able to successfully navigate the decision-making process and find the middle ground — and that they’re equally successful in communicating that message to the public.

We’ll continue watching and hope you’ll continue reading.

The Clean Slate members, Ali Lasell, Amanda Stevens, Brad Rupert, Susan Harmon and Ron Mitchell will be sworn in this Thursday, 11/19, at 5:30 pm in the board room. They’ll decide leadership positions, and then will hear public comment if you’d like to sign up for a slot. It should be refreshing to have five board members who care about what we think. We’re looking forward to it.


3 thoughts on “11.18.15 Ready for a New Era

  1. I’ve received 2 survey calls regarding a ballot issue to approve school vouchers. I am adamantly against school vouchers. Are you doing anything to fight this?

    • When did you receive these calls? We agree with you and will certainly bring these issues to light as we learn more information, but we’re not organized to fight them. In addition, all five new school board members are also opposed to vouchers, so we don’t anticipate that anything like that would happen in JeffCo in the next two years. Any ballot initiative for vouchers that would affect Jeffco would have to be a statewide ballot, I think.

  2. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am that JSBW is continuing. For the past two years I have read every single post, each time silently thanking this group for their relentless and unwavering dedication to Jeffco Public Schools. As a Jeffco teacher, I wouldn’t have known half as much as I did if it wasn’t for your posts. I have longed to know who the amazing people are behind JSBW just so I actually have names and faces for this brilliant group of people. Please know that your work for justice has given me the energy to continue teaching in this great school district. Keep up the wonderful work as we move forward in this new era! And maybe you can change Keep Fighting Jeffco to Jeffco Proud! at the end of your posts!


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