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First, thanks to everyone who has completed the Jeffco Schools Budget Survey.  As of 7:30 p.m. Sunday night, over 400 of you have clicked on the Survey through our site.  Hopefully even more have clicked on through a number of the re-posts that have been done, or simply found it by going to the JeffCo Schools home page.  If you have not done the survey…stop now and please click on the link above and do it!  It’s only a few minutes. 

Some have asked how to respond to the survey.  That is not for us to say.  We are not trying to influence the survey one way or the other.  What we want is an honest survey result, not one that has been manipulated to end up with what WNW+Miller want to believe.  The best way to accomplish that is for as many people to respond honestly as possible.  If you have already done the survey…great!  Has your spouse, partner, mother, father, brother, sister, neighbor, co-worker, et al., done theirs yet?  Ask them!  It only takes about five minutes!

Many of you, probably most, are also calling for a recall.  We at JeffCo Schools Board Watch agree and strongly believe that a recall vote on one or more of WNW will happen.  But it is not something that can be done overnight.  It is something that takes careful planning.  As we learn more about such efforts, we will post it.

In the meantime, sign up to follow our blog.  We will be posting constantly as we learn things.  We can all start being what the backers of WNW+Miller fear the most:  Motivated and Informed voters!

15 thoughts on “Steps to be taken

  1. Thank you so much for keeping us informed! I will help in whatever capacity I can. I’ve been posting on FB hoping to spread awareness and I wrote a letter to the board expressing my disagreement with their (the three) actions.

    Margaret Lessenger Golden

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  2. Disgusted with you all! The new board was voted in….unions can’t take it! Cindy should have showed class and bowed out gracefully!

    You all should STOP the circus if you are truly focused on our kids!

    • Susan,

      For your information, the vast majority of responses we have been getting are not from JeffCo teachers or staff. Instead they are from parents, community leaders, business people, and other concerned citizens.

      In our opinion, Cindy was doing what a Superintendent is supposed to do – administer the district, following board policy as it is set, and provide guidance to the Board. She was doing all of that.

      In the public meetings, the clash almost always came when the WNW+Miller Board would begin to enact something that Cindy knew was either illegal, would break a contract, or would cost the District money. WNW+Miller did not seem to appreciate the dose of reality she would provide.

      Finally, Cindy did show class and tried to bow out gracefully…except the Board would not let her. She announced her retirement only a few days after the election. All this Board had to do was give her some of the respect she had earned until June. They undoubtedly would have learned a LOT from her.

      Then they would have the puppet Superintendent they want and would be able to trash our schools with little fanfare for a while. They chose otherwise.

      If this is a circus, it is because WNW+Miller are the clowns and THEY won’t leave the center ring.

    • Susan, the circus was created by the three clowns you voted into office….when there’s so much opposition you should look into the mirror, you may not like what you see.

    • I second that. SHAME ON YOU. We teach our children to accept others, to embrace diversity, that everyone has their own opinion. We just talked about MLK jr. last month , about peaceful resolution. The district spent lots of money to send people to Adaptive Schools training, but I did NOT see any discussion or dialogue going on in that Facebook video. What I saw was a planned attack. You bullied and taunted. Shame on you! You are adults! So what if the new board doesn’t share your political viewpoint. It doesn’t make them bad or dangerous and it certainly isn’t grounds for a recall. The union is in panic mode because they are losing their power.

    • There has been no mention of union involvement. What we do know is the new board is being underhanded in having closed door meetings. Even if discussions are on the up and up by not having the entire board present sends the message of deceit. As far as stopping the circus…this can be said of the new board as well. Seems as though their antics aren’t sending a very education friendly message.

    • Although I don’t live in Jeffco, it seems pretty clear to me that the new board cares nothing about the 85,000 students (including my grandson) who attend Jeffco schools not to mention the hard working teachers who come to work everyday. Appalling, disgusting and most of all…disheartening! Jeffco voters will get exactly what they asked for…constant teacher turnover and dismantling of a great school district.

  3. Here is another way of looking at what the Board is doing–how can the paying out the Supt.’s contract out without the benefit of her expertise to continue to lead the district be good financial governance of taxpayer’s money? Doe not make sense–and is fiscally irresponsible

  4. Personally I have found Witt incapable of building trust and confidence from the Jeffco community–seems like he is on a power trip and his continual cutting off of the minority board members is crude and arrogant. He has not earned the respect of the community–he needs to use some manners AND listening skills

    • I agree BIG TIME! Thank you for saying so. It is embarrassing and disappointing to hear the disrespect every time he speaks.

  5. What we are discussing here is transparency. No school board, or other public entity should be allowed to advance their private agenda behind closed doors. This school board will not be allowed to hijack our education system and our tax money.

    Only if they operate in a legal and transparent manner, will they be able to survive a recall election. I believe this election would have a significant participation by Jefferson County taxpayers.

    This school board has one major achievement thus far, they have awakened a sleeping giant.

  6. I’ve been involved in executive management both from the perspective of an employee executive as well as a board member of a board employing an executive.
    When an executive announces a desire to depart at some point in the future, it is commonplace for the supervisor (higher executive or board) to ask the employee executive to leave in a rather prompt timeframe. This is especially common when the executive employee makes announcement for near-term job change plans.

    • Good point, but you are missing the key differentiator. Cindy Stevenson had announced she was going to retire at the end of the school year.

      Imagine a CEO of a billion dollar company. She announces that she is going to retire at the end of the fiscal year, six months away. The Board, instead of letting her leave, harasses, bullies, threatens, and begins legal action against her, because she is insisting on still acting as the CEO she is!

      What would you think of the Board? Especially if the Board members who were doing this had no experience in the business, had only just come on, and had been prevented by the CEO of making some bad mistakes, including potentially illegal actions?

      Would it still happen? Sure. When it’s a hostile take-over. Is that what you are saying? That WNW+Miller effectively have performed a hostile takeover?

      In business school, one of things that is pointed out (but too often forgotten) is that most hostile take-overs, in the long run, fail miserably. The only ones that do not, the people taking over never try to run the company…they just break it up and sell off the pieces.

      Is that the plan? Is that what you want to happen?

  7. I very much appreciate your efforts here. The more I read about this situation, the more it seems to me a Recall Election is the way to go, or else we parents are going to be constantly fighting battles with this board. How is this being handled and is there some way people can offer to help with the recall effort?

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