The Survey is now closed

The Budget Survey closed at some point today.  The JeffCo website had only said that Feb 11th was the deadline, but had not posted a time when the Survey would close.  Doing so next time might avoid some confusion.

Congratulations to all of you! We had over 1,700 people fill out the Budget Survey by clicking through this site.  That is AWESOME!  That should make it very hard for WNW+Miller to spin.

Way to go JeffCo!

Another impressive statistic:  We now have almost 3,000 followers of the Board Watch.  Jefferson County is waking up!

Update:  According to the District office, the survey closed at the end of business (5:00 p.m?) yesterday.  They had more than 13,000 responses.  13% of that total is thanks to you.  That’s a big difference!

2 thoughts on “The Survey is now closed

  1. It was definately closed by 5 pm.

  2. My husband started it at 4:00 and got called away from his desk. He tried to finish it at 4:30 and the notice said that it was already closed.

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