Feb 18th Board Meeting – Exec Search & Superintendent Transistion Planning

The next meeting has now been posted on BoardDocs.  It will be held Tuesday, Feb 18th from 5:30-9:00 p.m. in the main Board Room at the Education Center.

This is a Special Meeting, which means that while it is open to the public there is no public comment portion scheduled.  The meeting was originally just to listen to presentations from the two Executive Search firm finalists and for the Board to ask them questions.  They have now added a new agenda item that will occur first:  2.01 Superintendent Transition Plan.  This is where the Board, Staff, and Cindy Stevenson will work out how the District will be managed after Cindy leaves on Feb 21st and when the new superintendent takes over, probably at the end of the school year.

This is important, because this will give us an idea of what can happen the rest of the year.  Please plan to attend.  There will be no question period allowed, and we can expect WNW+Miller to be very harsh on their interpretation of “disturbance”.  (We already know they do not like facing constituents who disagree with them.)  So we need be very thoughtful on how we approach this.

Another concern is that the money backers of WNW+Miller have finally woken up to the fact that their agenda is not popular and faces serious opposition.  They tried to  to intimidate people at the recent open meeting on Tuesday at Lakewood High School (see JeffCoReport’s “Intimidation at Community Forum” post from yesterday), and recent activity shows that on this site and it’s Facebook link they have unleashed their internet Trolls to try to intimidate, overwhelm, and shut down thinking people.

We have been expecting this, and we will not not be shut down or intimidated.  Over the next few days there will be some changes to the blog and Facebook sites to prevent this from happening.  In the meantime, please be patient.  If someone is posting thoughtful opposing arguments, by all means, hold a discussion with them.  If they are just regurgitating wingnut/radio sound-bytes, ignore them.  In short – “Do Not Feed The Trolls!”  They will be dealt with.

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2 thoughts on “Feb 18th Board Meeting – Exec Search & Superintendent Transistion Planning

  1. What is WNW+Miller? Just starting to get involved in all of this..

    • It stands for “Witt-Newkirk-Williams” the three new board members, plus Brad “Miller” the attorney they hired to represent the Board. We decided to refer to them that way because it seemed inaccurate to say “The Board” when talking about a decision or action that those three plus Miller had made over the objections of Dalhkemper and Fellman. It is also shorter than saying “Witt-Newkirk-Williams with Miller did….” (Try typing that several times!)

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